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Famous Faces 26 Aug 2013 | 08:47 pm

Every once in a while I like to post some of the famous guys that turn me on… this is one of those times… DISCLAIMER: I think Justin Bieber is an idiot and on his way out, but he still has a nice but...

Sunday Funnies 25 Aug 2013 | 12:01 pm

Self Portrait Saturday – MEGA Post 24 Aug 2013 | 12:01 pm

OK, Please allow me to vent for just a second… I am REALLY getting irritated by blogs that will post ONE picture per day AND/OR all the photos/videos they do post are really hidden links to pay sites...

Friday’s post a little early… 23 Aug 2013 | 04:49 am

I will be busy all day Friday so I thought I would post something for you guys (and girls) a little early to get your juices flowing for the weekend. I hope you enjoy! Jason

Sexy Solos 22 Aug 2013 | 08:59 pm

More than one… 20 Aug 2013 | 07:40 am

Sorry, just a short post today. I am WIPED OUT from my day. Cheers, Jason

Sunday Funnies 18 Aug 2013 | 12:01 pm

So how is YOUR weekend going? I am thinking of YOU!!! Enjoy the Sunday Funnies! Hugs! Jason

Self Portrait Saturday 17 Aug 2013 | 12:01 pm

Hey guys and girls… I hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend! If not, maybe the Self Portraits below will put a little spark in your day! Hugs, Jason

Big Red 15 Aug 2013 | 12:01 pm

Some you may have seen, some you may have not, but I know some of you out there could care less … Enjoy!

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