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The Biggest Loser 11: Episode 4 Recap 29 Jan 2011 | 07:35 am

Tuesday on The Biggest Loser, it was a trimmed-down episode that set up the climax of these last few weeks: the combination of the Unknown teams and Bob and Jillian’s crew. No more weeks of immunity, ...

Biggest Loser Club 29 Jan 2011 | 07:26 am

Nearly five years ago NBC introduced some of the biggest losers television has ever seen- and audiences couldn’t have been more enthusiastic about embracing them and cheering them on. “The Biggest Los...

Biggest Loser – Brett Hoebel 25 Jan 2011 | 06:34 am

Brett Hoebel has just landed the greatest trainer job in the world, as one of two new faces on NBC’s “Biggest Loser.” The New Jersey native, who insists he was the “fat kid” growing up, says he mixes ...

Brett Hoebel 20 Jan 2011 | 05:13 pm

Brett Hoebel, who has helped train Victoria’s Secret supermodels, brings to the show his martial arts experience, especially in the Afro-Brazilian capoeira and Muay Thai kickboxing. The New York-base...

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