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Voices from the Field 16 Sep 2011 | 07:09 am

By providing members of the U.S. military and civilian agencies who return from the front lines a venue to speak and write, CNAS helps ensure their unique and often invaluable insights inform the poli...

WMD and Nuclear Proliferation 16 Sep 2008 | 06:22 am

Weapons of mass destruction (WMD), including the dangers of nuclear and biological weapons proliferation, pose perhaps the gravest national security threat to the United States. CNAS continues to exam...

U.S. National Security and Defense Policy 16 Sep 2008 | 06:22 am

CNAS has a range of efforts aimed at helping American policymakers develop the best national security strategy for the nation, as well as supporting strategies for critical issues such as energy secur...

U.S. Military Forces & Operations 16 Sep 2008 | 06:21 am

CNAS projects on U.S. Military Forces and Operations go beyond the battlefield and examine the force structure, roles, missions, and overall health and wellness of America's military to help ensure ou...

Diplomacy and Development 16 Sep 2008 | 06:21 am

CNAS performs groundbreaking work on the U.S. role in current and future conflicts, on the U.S. relationship with key countries like China, India, and Japan, and on the reinvigoration of America’s cap...

Terrorism, Irregular Warfare and Crime 16 Sep 2008 | 06:20 am

CNAS explores  strategies for combating  terrorism, violent extremism, and various approaches for tackling the significant challenges posed by insurgencies and irregular warfare in Iraq, Afghanistan a...

Regional Security Challenges 16 Sep 2008 | 06:19 am

CNAS will focus on immediate threats and long-term security challenges in the following regions: Afghanistan, Asia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and the Middle East. read more

National Security Leaders Forum 16 Sep 2008 | 06:18 am

CNAS builds relationships with a variety of audiences through such programs as the National Security Leaders Forum. read more

Iraq 16 Sep 2008 | 06:18 am

The Center for a New American Security is committed to shaping and elevating the debate on the most difficult strategic issues facing America, including the aftermath of the war in Iraq. read more

Natural Resources + National Security = Natural Security 16 Sep 2008 | 05:59 am

From oil to critical minerals to water, the global competition for natural resources in the 21st century will generate economic dislocation, tension, instability, and even conflict. read more

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