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There have been many time in 2010 31 Dec 2010 | 09:54 pm

There have been many time in 2010 when I may disturbed you troubled u irritated u bugged u . . . . today I just wanna tell you . . . . I plan to continue it in 2011.

My wishes for you in year 2011 31 Dec 2010 | 09:52 pm

My wishes for you in year 2011 Great start for Jan, Love for Feb, Peace for march, No worries for April Fun for May, Joy for June to Nov, Happiness for Dec, Have a lucky and wonderful 2011.

Before the sun sets in this year 31 Dec 2010 | 09:51 pm

Before the sun sets in this year, before the memories fade, before the net works get jammed Wish u & ur family Happy Sparkling New Year 2011.

ONE GLASS WATER 31 Dec 2010 | 09:49 pm


Dr sahab mujhe normal potti nahi aati 16 Dec 2010 | 09:02 am

Man: Dr Mujhe normal potti nahi aati, Chawal khaya to chawal nikle, Roti khayi to roti, normal k liye kya karu, Dr: PoTTI KHA!!!!

Friend k bina sare network bekar hain 16 Dec 2010 | 08:58 am

Voda (F) one Ai (R) tel Virg (I) n Id (E) a Relia (N) ce TataIn (D) icom B (S) NL Dekha, Friends K Bina Sare Network bekar hai!

You are sweet and cute 16 Dec 2010 | 08:57 am

You are Sweet, Cute & an Ultra-dynamic Personality…!! You are one in a Million with a Golden Heart…!! For more JOKE stand inform of the mirror.

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