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Plasma vs LCD vs LED 16 Jun 2009 | 09:00 pm

What is the difference between the flat screen technologies?

Is a 100Hz or 200Hz+ LCD or Plasma TV worth the premium? 6 May 2009 | 09:00 pm

Discover how greater hertz on modern televisions from top manufacturers benefits you.

HD channels from Freesat 22 Apr 2008 | 09:00 pm

What is Freesat? What equipment is required to receive Freesat? What areas of the country receive Freesat? What choice of channels is available? Can you receive high definition TV on Freesat? All the ...

Cheap TVs - Read this first before you buy 21 Apr 2008 | 09:00 pm

Why are non-branded televisions so cheap? Are unbranded cheap TVs are a false economy? Find out.

Safe Eyes Parental Control Software 21 Apr 2008 | 09:00 pm

Save 20% off Safe Eyes Parental Control Software Use promo code: safeeyes20off

Buy high definition Plasma TVs now and beat the price increases 14 Apr 2008 | 09:00 pm

Have you been putting off purchasing a new electronic item such as a Blu-Ray player, HD Plasma TV or because you are waiting until the price comes down a little more?

Are you ready for Digital Television ? 7 Apr 2008 | 09:00 pm

Free and subscription services compared.

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