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Mucinex DM 7 Oct 2009 | 04:31 pm

Mucinex DM is one of three over the counter Mucinex products that are taken to fight off mucus and phlegm.  Mucinex DM contains guaifenesin (as do all Mucinex products) along with Dextromethorphan.  T...

Mucinex 12 Sep 2009 | 06:24 pm

Mucinex has become a very popular over the counter treatment of congestion in recent years and we have collected information on this helpful product. If you would like to purchase Mucinex, you visit ...

Guaifenesin FAQ 12 Sep 2009 | 05:08 pm

What is Guaifenesin? Guaifenesin is a common ingredient used in cough and cold medicines sold over the counter. Guaifenesin has been used since the 1500’s when it was extracted from tree bark. Two de...

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