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Consumerism and Wellness Programs are the Solution to the National Healthcare Crisis 9 Aug 2007 | 09:26 am

Knox Associates, a Las Vegas based employee benefits brokerage firm explains how consumerism and employer sponsored wellness and disease management programs are the solution to the National Healthcare...

Consumer Driven HealthCare (CDH) – A Viable Option for Nevada Employers 25 Apr 2007 | 07:58 pm

Knox Associates sees CDH as the way forward for Nevada Employers who are looking to gain control over their rising health care costs. Read Article

Las Vegas Insurance Firm Announces Full Support of the New Anthem Blue Cross EmployeeElect Group Health Insurance Product Line 21 Mar 2007 | 07:43 pm

Knox Associates, a Las Vegas based Employee Benefit Insurance firm is announcing full support for the new Anthem Blue Cross EmployeeElect Product Line. Read Article

Nevada Group Health Insurance A Long-Term Approach in Cost Containment 1 Mar 2007 | 05:25 am

Knox Associates, a Las Vegas based Employee Benefit Insurance firm is seeing significant premium savings in group Health Savings Account (HSA) qualified health plans. Read Article

Five Reasons Why the Nevada Self Employed Should Look At Health Savings Account Qualified Plans In 2007 22 Feb 2007 | 05:29 am

Knox Associates announces huge savings in Health Savings Account (HSA) Qualified health plans for both insurance premiums and federal income taxes. These programs cater to the self-employed in the sta...

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