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Next Big Adventure 21 Aug 2011 | 01:53 am

Next week Bean and I head west. I've been bragging about my years in the Colorado high country and now Bean will get a personal tour of the years we were apart. I'm excited to see many, many friends a...

Blue Ribbon Quilt 18 Aug 2011 | 01:37 am

This is one of the many blue ribbon quilts at the Iowa State Fair this year. After looking at the quilts submitted this year, I think I need to submit next year. I was disappointed by how little info...

Dispatch: Iowa State Fair 17 Aug 2011 | 01:29 am

Bean and I had a great time at the Iowa State Fair! I wanted to see wee baby pigs, but these five week old piggies were the youngest they had on display. I'm glad I can say that I ate nothing on a st...

Dispatch: Sun Studios 30 Jun 2011 | 02:17 am

Dispatch: Graceland 29 Jun 2011 | 02:03 pm

Dispatch: Galveston 25 Jun 2011 | 02:07 am

Woke up early to watch the sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico. Each breath along the coast is like drinking a glass of seawater, but this moment took my breath away.

Dispatch: Galveston 24 Jun 2011 | 02:19 pm

Sitting on a pier overlooking the Gulf of Mexico and getting dive bombed by gulls.

Happy Birthday 23 Jun 2011 | 01:06 am

This quilt is my design using Foundation Factory and Mariner's Compass Stars. I started it several years ago, but finished it for Bean's birthday. It is easily one of the more ambitious quilts I've do...

Dispatch: Rangers Park 21 Jun 2011 | 05:08 am

Dispatch: Fort Worth 21 Jun 2011 | 04:13 am

Billy Bob's Texas: The World's Largest Honky Tonk

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