Most related news are at: – 新西兰旅游观光及新西兰旅游团 | 新西兰北岛南岛特价游 | 新西兰万国旅行社

新西兰探亲访友旅游 Visit Family & Friends 25 Jan 2011 | 06:35 pm

新西兰是一个种族多元化的国家,华人是新西兰第五大族群。众多的移民使得新西兰的探亲旅游也日渐火热。探亲访友的同时享受一下新西兰至纯的呼吸,饱览一番新西兰的美景,可谓是情境两悦的人生惬意之事。 奥克兰是众多境外游客进入新西兰的主要入口,奥克兰做为新西兰第一大城市,有着风帆之都的美誉。奥克兰有南半球最高的建筑天空塔,有浓缩毛利人民族文化的博物馆,到处可见迷人的中世纪优美建筑,,是一个自然与现代完美融合...

新西兰蜜月度假 Honeymoon 25 Jan 2011 | 06:31 pm


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Library Name Contacts Phone Email Symphony Bookinopolis: Franklin District Library Trust Sharlene Morley 09 237 0040 Symphony Christchurch City Libraries Andrew A...

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Dan Milward from Instinct just sent through this link: This link demonstrates the WP e-Commerce Plugin working on a WordPress 2.8 + website. We rea...

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Kiwi Bikes Rotorua 6 Jan 2010 | 09:51 am

Those of you who are my regular readers will know that I love cycling, not only do I believe that it is good for the mind body and sou...

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Here’s a good article from Stuff about the ‘Latest Craze — Eyelash Extensions’. Enjoy.

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