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IA 107 – Foodmachine 11 Nov 2010 | 07:19 pm

Hosts: Dave, Josh, Jason, Stubbs Topics: [06:18] Email [29:32] Codex Creep? [45:18] Foodmachine! Discuss this episode on our forums here.

Custom Fortresses / Fortalezas Custom 27 Apr 2011 | 01:13 am

All the mobs from all the fortresses are lvl 85. The KE drop hasn't changed. The NPC Suspicious Merchant will no longer sell Giant Codex - Mastery, now it will sell normal Codex (yellow). You can a...

WordPress 3+ Multisite 15 Jul 2011 | 02:47 pm

Version 1.9.19 was just released. This release fixed a few small issues & added some logging information that Multisite users might find helpful. Regarding, Multisite,

Finding, Uploading, and Preparing to Edit a WordPress Theme 10 Nov 2006 | 07:37 pm

Update: More on WordPress, see the WordPress Category on the new site First, I read the Using Themes page on the WordPress Codex, which explains everything — too much, in fact! I go...

特定の投稿(記事)の条件分岐方法【wordpress】 31 May 2011 | 09:00 pm

カテゴリーなどでの条件分岐はCodexにも記載されているのですぐ分かったのだが、 記事ごとに異なる条件を付けたい場合の記述方法は記載されていないのでメモします。 特定の投稿(記事)の条件分岐方法 投稿IDが18の場合 ちなみに、現在の記事がカテゴリーID 5に属する場合 記事がカテゴリーID 4,5,6に属さない場合 【Codex】条件分岐タグ

Inferno Codex Diablo 3 Guide 10 May 2012 | 05:35 am

Inferno Codex Diablo 3 Guide Well we’re starting to get some more great guides coming in ahead of Diablo 3′s launch in a couple of days. We had a blast playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and seen so...

Inferno Codex Guide Members Area Screens 21 May 2012 | 06:30 am

Hey Guys, I got some mails requesting that I showed you how the Mambers area of the Inferno Codex Guide (Special $20 Off Discount Coupon Link)  looked like. Glad to oblige LOL Sure thing guys, see for...

Diablo 3 Guide 3 May 2012 | 09:13 am

Hey Guys, its your main Asian man Dan Chow here with your biggest Request so far. Quick Note: This is my honest take on the Inferno Codex diablo 3 guide, if you are looking for their main page: Chec...

Diablo 3 Inferno Codex – Behind The Scenes and I have a Premium Pass! 30 Apr 2012 | 03:54 am

Diablo 3 Inferno Codex – An exclusive behind the scenes overview of the best Diablo 3 Guide to date! Note: This is just a preview post for the best diablo 3 gide out there – Inferno Codex – If you’re...

WordPress Post Navigation Within Same Category 28 Jul 2011 | 08:11 am

Here’s a quick tip. By default most WordPress themes have a single post page navigation setup so that you are shown a double arrow + “Previous/Next Post Title”.

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