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Bonito Belly Strip 27 Aug 2013 | 05:00 pm

Catch your own great, inexpensive trolling baits. The flash of a brine-cured strip bait will attract pelagics everywhere they swim. Challenge: During abundant runs of bonito, salt away handmade bait...

Tarpon and Bonefish Become Catch-and-Release Only Starting Sept. 1 26 Aug 2013 | 09:59 pm

Two premier recreational fisheries will soon have new protections in place, a measure aimed at ensuring that tarpon and bonefish’s economic and fishing value remain for generations to come. Tarpon and...

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kang_bayan moderator 10 Jan 2010 | 06:59 am

halo kawan2 kok sepi nih ayo kita ramein forum ini ,kayak indoflasher gitu lo dimulai dari batu

Puan Enggan Salaman Mega-SBY Disebut Rekonsiliasi 1 Jun 2010 | 07:05 pm

Megawati hadir di satu forum dengan SBY di gedung DPR/MPR, bahkan bersalaman di akhir acara. Tapi itu bukan berarti Mega-SBY berekonsiliasi politik. "Wah, kita nggak ngomong kayak gitu (rekonsiliasi ...

SE QLD SAFETY DAY II 14 May 2012 | 09:53 am

AUSTRALIAN KAYAK FISHING FORUM • View topic – SE QLD SAFETY DAY II. Every now and then, an AKFF member will try and put together a safety, paddling technique, or fishing-related tutorial. In the pas...

10 - Sons of Anarchy Fan- Forum 30 Nov -0001 | 12:00 am

Das Forum über Sons of Anarchy, eine Motoradgang in Kalifornien. Im Zentrum der Erzählung steht der Vizepräsident, Jax Teller, der der Sohn des verstorbenen Gründers ist. Sein Stiefvater Clay Morrow (...

kang_bayan moderator 9 Jan 2010 | 10:59 pm

halo kawan2 kok sepi nih ayo kita ramein forum ini ,kayak indoflasher gitu lo dimulai dari batu

Hall Of Fame 2013 – Sea Fishing Photos And Catch Reports 24 Jun 2013 | 10:33 pm

All The Latest Catches From Members Of The Whitby Sea Fishing Forums. Cod, Bass, Pollack, Shore, Boat And Kayak Fishing, Plus Lots Lots More.

Club and Meets in North Florida 9 Aug 2013 | 04:52 pm

What's up guys?? We see all these high powered SS's running around Jax so we figured you guys had to be on this forum! So who's in Jax, sound off. But more importantly, who wants to cruise? We're SSP ...

Re : Bonjour de Bruxelles 27 Aug 2013 | 08:17 am

bienvenue sur forum kayak 

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