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Spiky Look with Headband 29 Jul 2013 | 06:01 pm

Double edge effect with defined spikes on crown and back while keeping the front slightly longer to create a noticeable and stylish wispy fringe effect.

Five Beach-Inspired Hairstyles 24 Jul 2013 | 08:35 pm

As summer's temperatures hit the highest marks, beating the heat is on every girl's mind. Here we have 5 beach ready hairstyles that suits most faces and hair types.

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Best Way to style Short to Medium Hairstyles 2012 21 Jan 2012 | 01:03 am

Another short hair style that can quickly to make it only allows the hair to form a natural wave. If you do not have time in the morning to straighten the entire length of hair or even have time to dr...

Short Hair Styles 7 Oct 2008 | 06:33 pm

Here are some short hair styles idea : The great thing about this hair cut that it is super easy to style for day or night. During the day you can allow the layers to curl under and give you a sweet ...

Short Hairstyles Ideas 30 May 2012 | 01:37 am

Great way to find the perfect look,but there are some guidelines that you should keep in mind when looking at pictures Most people choose their new short hair style by looking at a picture of a hair s...

funky short hair styles 2012 trend 10 May 2012 | 11:25 pm

funky short hair styles 2012 trend

Top Latest Short Hairstyles for black women in 2012 10 May 2012 | 11:38 am

Ok, now I know what that black women short hair styles with fashion? Black women have short hair and how to spice up!. In addition, there are two things you need to know. The first thing that black wo...

Short Hair Styles Ideas 10 Mar 2012 | 10:09 pm

Unquestionably quick hairstyles are usually β€˜in’ this fall as noticed frequently including red-colored carpeting in order to electronic systems transported simply by the majority of celebs. Most commo...

Short Hairstyles 2012 25 Mar 2012 | 06:57 pm

2012 gives you good chances to style in short hair cuts. Short hair styles are the fashion statement of 2012. You will find different types of haircuts that will go with your short hair. If you want ...

Trendy short hairstyles for the summer of 2012 8 Apr 2012 | 06:06 am

Trendy short hairstyles for the summer of 2012 Send short hair style fashion for spring and summer 2012. Check out relaxes you, but refined, with user-friendly design, looks great and easy to maintai...

Very short hair styles for all hair types 7 Apr 2012 | 06:17 pm

Very short hair styles for all hair types Take a short hairstyle, rather than between an important step for any woman with long hair. To break, if strong, intelligent, beautiful hairstyles or fat lik...

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