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IT 2417A1 - Erratum 20 Aug 2013 | 07:00 pm

Income tax: Imputation of Company Tax: Form approved by Commissioner of Taxation for issue to shareholders receiving dividends (As at 21 August 2013)

TR 2013/D4 20 Aug 2013 | 07:00 pm

Petroleum resource rent tax: what does 'involved in or in connection with exploration for petroleum' mean? (As at 21 August 2013)

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It Was Good News 7 Mar 2012 | 05:22 am

Yesterday, we met with our tax accountant.  As we had anticipated, it was good news.  We'll receive a modest refund.  I'm happy.  Sylvia is happy.  Midnight yawned and went back to the serious busines...

Take a break from coding with online bingo 17 Jun 2011 | 03:37 am

Dealing with code can be a pretty taxing business simply because you are constantly focused on the job at hand and you are likely to face long hours at the screen doing nothing but work. However, you ...

Income tax calculator for 2012-13 and Budget 2012 update 16 Mar 2012 | 06:25 pm

Like very year on the budget day, we are again here with all new income tax calculator for financial year 2012-13, or for assessment year 2013-14, along-with budget updates for common man. Budget... ...

Jazz introduces ‘Pay As You Go’ Calling to Pakistan 20 Jan 2012 | 07:56 am

Mobilink Jazz introduces the Per Second Charging Offer! This offer allows subscribers across Pakistan to enjoy calls at just 2 paisas /second (+tax)

Apple App Store outrage [2] 29 May 2011 | 12:30 am

In general all prices on the Japanese App Store are about 40% higher than in the US. This is not due to taxes (5% VAT in Japan, e.g. the German Apple Store is still cheaper than Japan despite 19% VAT)...

30RD: EA Takeover & BB Tax 24 Sep 2009 | 11:00 am

The Wii is getting a price cut, EA could be jumped by MS, UK to get broadband tax

Feb 8, Salary tax calculator working with it 9 Feb 2010 | 08:32 am

Salary tax calculator working with it

Complete your provisional tax form like a pro 10 Dec 2009 | 11:43 pm

South Africans registered as provisional taxpayers need to make their second payment for this tax year no later than 26 February 2010. MoreThanMoney has created a spreadsheet to help you calculate whi...

How hiding from the taxman can hurt you Part II 24 Sep 2009 | 02:09 am

Last year almost one million taxpayers did not submit a tax return because they earned less than R120 000 during the year. While many of these employees rightly rejoiced in the fact that they may stay...

Local officials: Gas tax would benefit travelers through Iowa 23 Feb 2012 | 07:08 am

Sen. Bob Dvorsky, D-Iowa City, said the tax would be an economic benefit.

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