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The WCC “FREE JJ” Collectors box. 23 Jul 2011 | 01:48 am

As you may have noticed we´ve just published a new West Coast Choppers Merch Catalogue and demand was simply overwhelming. We´ve never expected such a rush and the whole run went off the shelf  like s...

… you will know everything – the whole story, right here. 20 Apr 2011 | 07:36 pm

“My life has been defined by many things and not just the events of the last year. I just wanted it to be a good story, a page-turner and hopefully people will see it as that. People claim to know eve...

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Race Choppers 30 Nov -0001 | 12:00 am

Are you man enough to ride with the West Coast Choppers Fire up your bike and race to the finish line before the time runs out

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