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Nicole Scherzinger – Baby Love lyrics 12 Nov 2007 | 12:48 am

(Nicole) I remember like it was yesterday first kiss and i knew you changed the game you had me, exactly, where you wanted and i’m on it, and i aint ever gonna let you get away holding hands neve...

Nicole Scherzinger Whatever You Like Lyrics 17 Sep 2007 | 10:00 am

(Whop Whop Whop Whop) (Whop Whop) Sean Garrett: Ladies and gentlemen (Whop Whop) I know what you want (Whop Whop) She hot as a stove (Whop Whop) Her name is Nicole Nicole: (Ha, Hu, Ha, Hu, Ha,...

Wait a Minute Video Clip 15 Mar 2007 | 07:32 pm

Wait a Minute 15 Mar 2007 | 07:31 pm

Everybody listen all over the world I got a story ’bout my favorite girl (Wait a minute) Oh, my baby sexy for sure I had to have him when he walked through the door (Wait a minute) She was ’bout t...

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