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What happening to .GH? 7 Feb 2012 | 04:54 am

The National Information Technology Agency (NITA), the Information Technology Implementing Agency of the Ministry of Communications has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Ghana Dot Com, a...

Ghana Dot Com Introduces Digital Archiving 8 Jan 2010 | 09:35 pm

Archiving is when important information or documents are preserved electronically for subsequent easy access. The documents are organized and indexed making it easy to locate the documents. The ncsClo...

Shell battles to stem North Sea oil leak 14 Aug 2011 | 02:38 am

Have a look at this, so much for cutting edge technology:

Dj Leak mix 2 Mar 2011 | 03:34 pm

Alot of new unreleased stuff on here. Pretty good. Check it out. Passing on the goodies to you. Torrent link

LEAKED: More Pics From The Illegal Strip Club In Ghana 9 Apr 2012 | 10:47 am

Few weeks ago we posted on an illegal strip club operating in Ghana (Click Here For Photos). Today, we have received more photos from the club. Hmmm!

Secrets of Prometheus Film Leaked 29 Apr 2012 | 01:39 am

Secrets of Prometheus Film Leaked, we’re not going to give away any SPOILERS here; instead we will reveal the agenda behind Prometheus, th...

2011 "The Year of The Hack" A Brief Over View & Prediction of 2012 15 Dec 2011 | 12:31 am

Everyday when you open you see lost of hacks, defacement, data breached, server rooted, database hacked, information leaked and so on and on. Here is some summary where all the ...

My Business Strategy for 2012 – Becoming an Expert in 10 Mins 9 Dec 2011 | 01:13 pm

Here’s how to get more clients in 2012… Step 1: CLICK HERE to Get Local Business Profit Leaks PLR (put your name on it) Step 2: Go to and turn it into a printed book. Step 3: Give away to ...

Stop The Patient Leaks To Keep Your Medical Practice Growing 18 Apr 2012 | 12:30 am

At we emphasize marketing as a method to grow your medical practice.  Most doctors can see how it is important to continually attract new patients to their practices.  How...

Vista for 100 bucks? 29 Aug 2006 | 03:05 am

Based on a Canadian price leak on, Inside Microsoft figures Windows Vista may cost from US$99 for the home upgrade, to a max of $349 for Vista Ultimate. While Inside is thrilled, I wonde...