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Roko ma 3 lata i wystąpił w moim nowym klipie. Jest najlepszym psem ever. Poszliśmy do Feelaza w Vinylgate, poszliśmy też do Bubble Planet i do lasu. Taka sytuacja.

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There are many different positions a sniper and his rifle can get into to make a shot. The underlying thought process is that a sniper might have to stay in whatever position he sets up in for an exte...

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Bald gibt es auch eine österreichische Version des „It Gets Better“ Project! Nach US-amerikanischen Vorbild können in Zukunft auf der Website positive Video-Botschaften an trans- u...

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Kamasutra Video El Kama sutra es un antiguo texto hindú que trata sobre el comportamiento sexual del hombre. काम-सूत्र, en escritura devánagari. kāma-sūtra, en el sistema IAST de transliteración sánsc...

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In this video, Travis explains why lordosis is a bad thing in your normal posture, but a critical position during resistance training. He then explains exactly how to achieve lordosis by following two... 25 Sep 2010 | 10:05 am is one of the hottest sites for new hip hop music, hip hop news, hip hop music videos etc you only need to Google “hip hop music” to find it at the number one position. With over 60,0...

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As time goes by, and more rapidly than ever before, researchers start to “understand” the cosmos better and can derive future events from past behavior. Same applies to the positioning of planets in r...