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Text quotes tagalog 6 Jun 2010 | 11:41 pm

Pinoy Text Quotes Text Quotes Tagalog  - Tagalog text Love Quotes Mahirap mg move on, kpag d mo mtanggap ang 1 bgay n mangyari, mahirap ma22 ng 1 bgay n d mo gs2ng mlaman, pro mas mhirap lumau sa 1 ... 15 Jan 2009 | 10:53 pm

WHY THE JEWS ESPECIALLY MASSACRED THE PALESTINIAN CHILDREN? Quoted from: Why The Jews Especially Massacred The Palestinia...

quotes heartbreak-quotes 23 Oct 2011 | 05:28 am

 Quotes { heartbreak-quotes } Chiasmus: two otherwise parallel phrases with the second being a reverse order of the first. A famous illustration is Cicero's “One should eat to live, not l...

X-T Pinoy Men 16 Jun 2011 | 07:39 am

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A grateful heart 16 Aug 2011 | 11:22 am

A blessed beautiful day to everyone ~ quote source: Filed under: Reflections Tagged: inspirational quote, Life, Positive Thoughts, postaweek2011, ...

Smile ~ 9 Jul 2011 | 11:58 am

Hope everyone has a good weekend ! Quote credit: bitsotruth.blogspot. Filed under: Just for fun Tagged: Happy, Inspiration, postaweek2011, quote, quote on life, smile

What would you do? 4 Jul 2011 | 01:23 am

I would fly the plane and see the world. I would dive and explore the water world. I would write and publish a book. I would paint and draw. quote credit:

LifeArt Quote 28 Feb 2012 | 03:53 am

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Egosurfing "Pinoy Explorer" 3 Jan 2012 | 04:25 pm

When I registered my previous travel blog hosted in "" into its own dotcom now called, I did not realize that there are two other "pinoy explorers" in...

22 Amazing Examples To Customize Blockquote Style In Blogger blogspot blog! 1 Jan 2011 | 04:10 am

Whenever I put hacks codes for the blogger who used the blockquote function are the quotes that appear when you post something you want to ENHANCE your post.Porém in when he wrote that he wanted to hi...