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Headline 30 Sep 2008 | 08:00 pm

GREAT CONVERSATIONS Listen now to Chris' conversation with Leonard Slatkin about the Kid Rock Concert and more. {audio}ondemand/special_guests/finished/Slatkin20120518WTW.mp3{/audio} Also, ch...

This Week on WRCJ 7 Oct 2006 | 05:27 pm

JazzFest Detroit Saturdays, 7-9pm, John Penney demonstrates why the jazz world loves The Motor City. The Listening Room Sundays, 10am-noon, Chris Felcyn serves a Detroit-flavored mix of class...

Our Programs 7 Oct 2006 | 03:29 pm

The Morning Show Dave Wagner starts your mornings with classical music, traffic & weather, 7:15am Sousa-larm, and more!  (Weekdays, 6am - 11am) The Well-Tempered Wireless Chris Felcyn presents ...

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