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AGU announces 2012 journalism awards 18 Jul 2012 | 03:36 am

Freelance journalist Stephen S. Hall has won the 2012 Walter Sullivan award of the American Geophysical Union (AGU). A team at The Washington Post, including two staff writers, Brian Vastag and Steven...

Elephant seals help uncover slower-than-expected Antarctic melting 22 Jun 2012 | 12:39 am

Don’t let the hobbling, wobbling, and blubber fool you into thinking elephant seals are merely sluggish sun bathers. In fact, scientists are benefiting from these seals’ surprisingly lengthy migration...

Potential Iceland eruption could pump acid into European airspace 12 Jun 2012 | 05:56 am

A modern recurrence of an extraordinary type of volcanic eruption in Iceland could inject large quantities of hazardous gases into North Atlantic and European flight corridors, potentially for months ...

Unique microbes found in extreme environment 9 Jun 2012 | 01:34 am

Researchers who were looking for organisms that eke out a living in some of the most inhospitable soils on Earth have found a hardy few.

Call for nominations: AGU 2012 Natural Hazards Focus Group Gilbert F. White Lecture 4 Apr 2012 | 09:38 am

Established in 2011, the AGU Natural Hazards Focus Group Gilbert F. White Distinguished Lecture Award is named in honor of Gilbert F. White, who had contributed greatly to natural hazards research. Th...

Sea ice decline driving changes in arctic air pollutants 2 Mar 2012 | 08:03 am

Drastic reductions in Arctic sea ice in the last decade may be intensifying the chemical release of bromine into the atmosphere, resulting in ground-level ozone depletion and the deposit of toxic merc...

Oil sands pollution comparable to a large power plant 23 Feb 2012 | 07:03 am

It takes a lot of energy to extract heavy, viscous and valuable bitumen from Canada’s oil sands and refine it into gasoline and oil.

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