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LEADERSHIP BY EXAMPLE 27 May 2013 | 12:39 am

It’s more than just talk. Common Ground in action. In our debates, performance is judged not on how many points a guest can score for their own views but on how many points of common ground they can f...


Senator Judd Gregg and Edward Rendell bring their contrasting perspectives on the timely topic “Common Ground on Entitlement Reform to The Common Ground Committee’s fourth public policy forum, with it...

Donations 24 May 2013 | 03:18 am

Want to be part of the solution? Common Ground Committee forums bring light not heat to the public discourse. Our goal to bring truth, clarity, understanding and progress to issues of importance, is s...

Scaled-Back Gun Bill Gets Bi-Partisan Approval in Senate 19 May 2013 | 12:39 am

St. Paul, MN ( – Legislation that includes a scaled-back gun bill received bi-partisan approval by the Minnesota Senate Thursday. The bill's author, Senator Ron Latz (DFL-District 46), said...

A Great Form of Agreement 18 May 2013 | 02:16 pm

Common Ground Committee’s Public Forums demonstrate that finding common ground in both public policy and daily life is possible. Here Dr. Art Laffer and Jared Bernstein find real common ground on flat...

Rethinking Taxes: Public Forum 2012 18 May 2013 | 12:19 pm

A Public Forum about tax reform by a panel of nationally-known experts. Jared Bernstein, Dr. Arthur Laffer, and Gail Chaddock. The event was moderated by The Christian Science Monitor editor, John Yem...

Senator Judd Gregg 18 May 2013 | 06:00 am

Former Senator from New Hampshire and Governor Read more →

Edward Rendell 17 May 2013 | 05:01 pm

Former Governor of Pennsylvania and Mayor of Philadelphia Read more →

Mike Kupfer 10 May 2013 | 06:11 am

Mike Kupfer had a 37 year career as a sales executive, most recently as a Vice President for a multinational consumer electronics firm. Mike specialized in building effective sales teams while creatin...

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