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Friends of the Earth is on the move 26 Aug 2013 | 04:45 pm

The new office is located between Oval and Stockwell tube stations.

Blog: Fracking fallacies, love from Dave 23 Aug 2013 | 09:08 pm

Dear elderly, fuel poor householder. We've started fracking.

Blog: Balcombe to Quebec to Yasuni national park - communities fight back 23 Aug 2013 | 09:08 pm

People are realising they don't have to give in to bullies

Blog: Water's running out - is sewage the solution? 22 Aug 2013 | 09:08 pm

Where there's muck, there's... water

More Than Honey 22 Aug 2013 | 06:29 pm

Award-winning bee documentary hits the big screen

Blog: Shale gas: we are the fractivists 21 Aug 2013 | 09:08 pm

You'd be hard pushed t

Blog: Raspberries - my green pick of the month 20 Aug 2013 | 09:08 pm

The second post in a series celebrating sustainable food

Blog: Dancing through the Wilderness 15 Aug 2013 | 09:08 pm

Did you know that bees talk to each other by dancing?

Blog: Narrowboating: my eco-friendly summer holiday 13 Aug 2013 | 09:08 pm

Stuck for holidaying ideas this summer?

Balcombe residents speak out on fracking 12 Aug 2013 | 09:38 pm

Find out what's happening on the ground

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