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Cool Mecha Art 22 Dec 2008 | 05:37 pm

A jaw-dropping mecha picture found via Danny Choo. It also included a link to an interesting site I never knew of: the Pink Tentacle . If that website was recommended from a Japanese site without the ...

Figures I Want: Nendoroid Miku Hatsune 14 Dec 2008 | 05:28 am

This Miku figure has an amazing paint job. It puts my current figures to shame. More photos via グッドスマイルカンパニー ねんどろいど 初音ミク (VOCALOID 2)

Addicted to Nozomi Sasaki 14 Dec 2008 | 05:12 am

I recently decided to spread my addiction of Nozomi Sasaki to unsuspecting individuals by creating a dedicated fan site. She’s a cute Japanese model, but she doesn’t seem to have much presence in Engl...

A Blogger will Understand 14 Dec 2008 | 04:51 am

pus2meong has written some humerous points to describe a frustrating aspect of blogging via Blogging Disaster. Luckily, my blog posts are typically short so even when this disaster happens, I won’t sh...

Panda Panda 11 Dec 2008 | 02:34 am

I had seen this comic on Boing Boing in June and I thought it was interesting. At the time, I just bookmarked it and forgot about it until today (killing old bookmarks day). This comic is funny and we...

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