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Help with designing dress :)? 7 May 2012 | 06:28 pm

Hey! Ok so I bought a dress a while ago and I've finally got time to do something with it. Its a long, silver, backless dress that I got on super special from $200 to $10 !!!!!!!! d The only thing ...

unitedmu11 11 Mar 2012 | 05:15 pm

How to keep phone warm in cold weather? 13 Jan 2012 | 09:34 pm

My job requires that I leave my phone in my vehicle. I have an iphone 4 and was wondering if there was a way to keep it from getting super cold and to break.

How Do I Keep The Water Warm? 6 Jan 2012 | 02:04 am

I have a tropical tank and lets say the the power goes out then how would I keep the water warm? I'm really worried about this.

Why is metal foil a good way to keep food restaurant warm? 31 Dec 2011 | 08:36 pm

To keep a sandwich from a fast food restaurant warm, it is often wrapped in foil lined paper. But, wait a minute. Isn't metal foil a good conductor of heat? So wouldn't the heat be transferred from th...

Is it easy to request a legal name change? 14 Dec 2011 | 08:54 pm

How can I change my whole name? How do I notify my bank and college that I've changed it?Will I need a new Birth Certificate and Social Security Card?

L2 UNIT IS BACK! 5 Jul 2011 | 08:53 pm


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