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Practical Sufism 24 Aug 2013 | 07:16 pm

Sufism is not only the sublime poetry of a Rumi; it is also how we relate to otehrs, how we receive a guest. The work of Sufism is not primarily acquiring information; it is more about clearing the mi...

A Living Tradition Needs Support 24 Aug 2013 | 07:27 am

We come to you with gratitude for all whose generous support has allowed the work of Threshold Society to continue. For those who have been able to give, we thank you and ask that you continue your su...

The Whirling Universe 13 Aug 2013 | 07:06 pm

With Shaikh Kabir and Camille, James Morris and the music of Amir Vahab.

Eid is with Us 7 Aug 2013 | 07:11 pm

Ramadan came and Eid is with us. The lock came and its key is with us. Closed the mouth and opened the eye of the heart, the one that created the Heart is with us. In fasting, if the tribulation comes...

The Soul as a Work of Art 20 Jul 2013 | 07:57 pm

The Soul is a work of art. The child of the marriage of self and Spirit. In this new video talk on Threshold Society's YouTube channel, Shaikh Kabir reflects on the development of soul in daily life.

A Collection on Writings on Fasting 11 Jul 2013 | 10:11 pm

Three Degrees of Fasting:   Know that, in the view of the verifiers, fasting has three degrees. The common people fast by refraining from food, drink, and sexual intercourse from morning to sunset pra...

What is This Light (June 20th) 28 Jun 2013 | 06:36 pm

Prayer of Ibn Arabi (June 13th) 28 Jun 2013 | 06:34 pm

Vancouver : Book Signing and Talk 24 Jun 2013 | 10:10 pm

Free in-store Talk & Signing by Kabir and Camille Helminski at Banyen Books & Sound. 6:30-8pm For Details :

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