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Derrick McKenzie video interview 25 Aug 2013 | 11:03 am

The 'Mad Bad & Dangerous' YouTube channel have recently uploaded a great two part video interview with Jamiroquai drummer Derrick McKenzie where he talks about when he's made mistakes during gigs, how...

Jamiroquai at Rock'n Coke Festival in Istanbul 29 Jul 2013 | 11:00 pm has announced the the band will be performing at the Rock'n Coke 2013 Festival being held in Istanbul, Turkey on 8 September. Discuss this news item at

More Doris Day related news: 4 Jun 2010 | 04:49 am

日誌 電影構圖#3:《Young Man with a Horn》 1950 年作品,卻 • 德格拉斯(Kirk Douglas)和桃麗絲 • 黛(Doris Day)主演,《北非諜影》的 Michael Curtiz(1886-1962) 導演。攝影師 Ted McCord (1900-1976)非泛泛之輩,其他名作有《碧血金沙》(The Treasure of Sierra Madre,尊...

Doris Day - Legendary Actress and Singer 4 Apr 2012 | 06:57 pm

However, Doris Day's personal life, faced with steely resolve, was the very antithesis of how most fans perceived her super-stardom.  The studios promoted her in screen roles highlighting her wholesom...

Doris Day saca nuevo disco en septiembre 18 Aug 2011 | 05:33 am

Si el número de estrellas del cine clásico vivas es ya de por sí reducido, encontrar a un puñado de ellas que se mantengan activas y en buena forma resulta aún más complicado. Pero ahí está Doris Day,...

O cinema e a música 23 Nov 2010 | 12:33 pm

Doris Day - Fly Me To The Moon Daqui. .

Que Sera Sera 7 Aug 2011 | 07:20 pm

I remember vividly my mother and I singing Doris Day's Que Sera Sera as we were waltzing around the kitchen.... Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be. It's a great way of feeling you can relax an...

Lo spot più bello di sempre 5 May 2012 | 09:09 pm

Lo spot di My Sky HD, sulle note della stucchevole Que sera, sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) di Doris Day, scritta per il film di Alfred Hitchcock, L’uomo che sapeva troppo (1956). Ovviamente, in It...

Doris Day "My Heart" (Album) 21 Oct 2011 | 02:48 am

Neuer Pop-Süßstoff aus Doris Days Hollywood-Archiv.

More Jammies 6 Sep 2010 | 04:01 am

Catherine Deneuve Tina Louise Sonya Wilde Merle Oberon Lynn Merrick Gina Lollobrigida Ellen Drew Doris Day Colleen Miller Bardot (above and below) Ann-Margret Annie Girardot Angie Dickinso...

Doris Day 28 Jul 2012 | 08:23 am

Doris Day?? Anyone LOVE Doris Day films and what is your favourite Doris Day (I) More photos Add/change photo Date of birth (location) 3 April 1924 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA Mini biography Doris was born ...

Erstmals in Deutschland auf DVD: Die Doris Day Show (Doris Day in...) 25 Sep 2012 | 01:34 pm

Ab dem 19.10. im Rakete Shop: Die Doris Day Show (Doris Day in...)

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