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Narrative style sample 23 Apr 2010 | 08:06 pm

montage of recent works written, directed, edited by michael daley. DPs: Daniel Patrick Carbone, Matthew J. Lloyd, Tim Hogan, Michael Daley.

Pay $2 a minute to hear a story that will make you cry 1 Oct 2009 | 11:29 pm

"A commercial from the early '90s advertising a number to call if you need to sob uncontrollably. Aired during a presentation of KISS meets the Phantom of the Park" via Boing Boing

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Notification in Atomic Energy Education Society: published by Atomic Energy Education Society runs 30 schools/junior Colleges located at 16 centers in different parts of India. The m...

India is no more an emerging super power but it has emerged,says Obama 9 Nov 2010 | 03:40 am

US President Barrack Obama addressed the members of the Indian parliament and spoke about issues ranging from bilateral relationships to terrorism, economic ties to atomic energy and India’s emergence...

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) 25 Apr 2009 | 02:34 pm

want to know about nuclear? it's the right place you must know

MY lovely school -ATOMIC ENERGY CENTRAL SCHOOL 8 Jul 2008 | 06:33 am

Atomic Energy Central School (AECS) is a central school meant especially for children of the employees belonging to the Nuclear Power Corporation and Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research .This is ...

Iran: US, UK, France deceiving world on their nukes 28 Sep 2009 | 01:48 pm

Iran's ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency has accused the US, Britain, and France of deceiving the international community over their nuclear programs. In an exclusive interview wit...

Jepun - Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Reactor..... 15 Mar 2011 | 05:19 pm

Assalam; Maklumat rasmi daripada IAEA: International Atomic Energy Agency-IAEA Buat yang Di Jepun semoga dipelihara oleh Allah, begitu juga buat semua di mana jua berada. Maklumat rasmi daripada A...

Leichenschmaus 20 Dec 2010 | 04:45 am

C64. Romero. Gigolos. Atomic energy. Splank! & Mooner. TV. Cars. Machines. Machines. Zombie Nation - 1999 Leichenschmaus Info here.

South Korean researchers devise a safer lithium ion battery 18 Nov 2009 | 02:13 pm

While some researchers are focused on making batteries that are both safer and longer-lasting, it seems like the folks at the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (or KAERI) are simply concerned wit...

IREL Pune 24 Jan 2011 | 09:31 pm

Introduction IREL Pune (Indian Rare Earths Limited) is a Central Public Sector taking in charge below the administrative control of the Department of Atomic Energy, Indian Govt.. The IREL Pune is bus...

Oil Drops, But the Energy Market Is Still Wacky 24 Jun 2012 | 04:01 pm

Oil prices have further push down this week talks with Iran over its nuclear program seems to grow. For the first time in five years, it seems that the International Atomic Energy Agency has access to...

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