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More from Cradle Mountain 22 Aug 2013 | 04:58 pm

Another shot of Cradle Mountain today, what a place. Phase One IQ180, Phase One 45mm.

Cradle Mountain 22 Aug 2013 | 01:19 pm

Cradle Mountain today covered in snow. What a great time to visit. I have only previously been in Summer. This is so much better, well apart from the rain that hasn’t stopped since lunchtime.

More autumn leaves related news: 3 Nov 2011 | 05:36 pm

Rain on autumn leaves is so beautiful. That is the ocean in the background. It was evening and the lights had come on, you can see the reflection on the water, especially in the second one: I have be...

Autumn Leaves 13 Apr 2012 | 06:54 pm

Autumn Leaves Autumn Leaves Autumn Leaves Autumn Leaves Autumn Leaves 14 Dec 2010 | 05:31 am

Autumn leaves,Vardeh village,Iran

Autumn Leaves 14 Nov 2011 | 02:14 pm

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Autumn Leaves: a make-up tutorial 27 Oct 2011 | 05:31 am

Hi glam dolls, I wanted to share this look with you all inspired by the many beautiful colors that you see with the change of season to autumn. I used to live in Northern Virginia and the season chan...

Still here 27 Nov 2011 | 08:21 am

Leo and Monty are watching the birds and the last of the autumn leaves fluttering in the garden. They have settled down into their own routine now and found their favourite places in the house to watc...

Just Singing a Song 6 Nov 2008 | 04:12 pm

Here is a video of Moses singing in the car on the way to church. So cute :) "Autumn Leaves are Falling Down", a made up song to the tune of "London Bridge is Falling Down".. so cute (especially the ...

Still Life Paintings by :Teresa Lapayese Puebla 29 Jun 2010 | 06:26 am

site QUINCES WITH CHINAWARE Oil on fabric-covered panel MAGNOLIAS Oil on fabric-covered panel AUTUMN LEAVES I Oil on fabric-covered panel RED LAUREL Oil on fabric-covered panel MAGNOLIAS Oil o...

Whispers of Winter: Missy Jane 23 Feb 2012 | 02:00 am

Whisper of Winter by Missy Jane During the dark of the night, on a crisp winter eve a whisper on the wind rustled the last autumn leaves. Balin raised his head and sniffed the air, wrinkling his nose...

Autumn Leaves 15 Jun 2011 | 09:23 am

Autumn leaves Autumn leaves Pretty autumn leaves… Autumn leaves make tiny aeroplanes Autumn leaves make tiny aeroplanes When the days grow cold Autumn days are gold… I remember singing this son...

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