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Stop Your Cat Scratching Furniture…For Good 28 Aug 2012 | 02:52 am

Why do cats think it’s so fun to scratch anyway? Contrary to what you might think, your cat is not out to get you!  Just because she likes to scratch on your favorite chair…or carpet…or those very exp...

Can Old Cats Get Dementia? 16 Jul 2012 | 09:06 pm

  Yes, cats (and dogs)  can develop dementia leading to behavioral changes as they get older. Feline dementia, also referred to as cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS), is a progressive degenerative c...

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IT'S ANOTHER CATURDAY........ENJOY!!! 26 Jun 2010 | 08:00 pm

Don't piss off the cat holding necessary game equipment!! I knew the cat was watching me more than he should...bad habit!! So....I look like a college graduate???? Wait till "the girl" gets even Bu...

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