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Smart and Secure 15 May 2012 | 04:09 am

Our theft-resistant bike lights turn on and off automatically. Never worry about your bike light again. 11 Apr 2012 | 06:08 am

Just 2 hours left on Kickstarter! Pledge now to get your Blink / Steady Bike Light!

Are You Blink or Steady? 31 Mar 2012 | 03:29 am

No more tedious button-clicking—our bike lights have two simple options.

XECCON advise for bike light 14 Jan 2012 | 11:35 pm

Most of the best bike lights are being made with LED bulbs and lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. When looking for a bike light, it's all about the amount of lumens, or light it produces, plus bat...

Trapped? I think not. 1 Dec 2010 | 08:55 am

This weekend I dropped some bills on bike lights, a helmet, and some reflective tape: the result. There may be more tape in it’s future. Then today, while sitting at my desk, I felt trapped. The in-h...

Review: Exposure Diablo Bike Light 10 Dec 2010 | 10:00 pm

With winter firmly set in and limited daylight hours left, we are now forced to ride in the dark – which lets admit is a great thing indeed! The Exposure Diablo light is designed for helmet use (usin...

Magicshine for Safe Cycling 16 May 2012 | 04:44 pm

Magicshine – Brighten up the Way For the avid cyclist, there’s no time of day that isn’t appropriate for cycling, and when you invest in Magicshine bike lights, you can ensure that you are visible to...

Super Bright Flashlight for Bike Light 24 Oct 2008 | 04:01 am

I've been experimenting with a lighting setup that is as bright as a Dinotte, but way cheaper. It is based on a replacement LED bulb that an inventor I work with has just come out with. With this inse...

Discount DX Sport Products 26 Jun 2012 | 01:47 pm

DX outdoors clearance, do you want to buy some light for you bike? Come on, MJ-836 HA-III SSC-P7 2-Mode 900-Lumen LED Bike Light Set is on sale in DX. It’s powered by a separate rechargeable battery p...

Xeccon Color Light Shield 7 Jul 2012 | 03:17 pm

Color Light Shield helps to change the normal light beam as your need. Different color shield may have different use. Currently Xeccon design four color Light Shields for xeccon-branded bike light ...

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