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Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 20: High-Strung Conversation 27 Aug 2013 | 05:00 am

Shingeki no Kyojin is guilty of eliciting a particular reaction from me nearly every episode, and I don’t just mean the urge to make up shitty puns to go along with the action. Once it reaches the cre...

Gatchaman Crowds 7 – You Mean We Can’t Just Hit It With Our Fists? 27 Aug 2013 | 01:00 am

No. We can’t just hit it with our fists. Poor Joe Joe. I think everyone knew that no matter the level of his bravado, trying to beat up Berg Katze just would not fly. Poor guy didn’t get the memo whe...

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Gladys Got Hope 5 Nov 2011 | 04:28 pm

Gladys looked at herself in the mirror one last time not actually knowing what a golf cart driver should look like but she was as close as she was going to get. She straightened her pink Izod polo shi...

Spring 2011 – *Update* 22 Mar 2011 | 05:22 am

April is approaching, so here are the updated versions of the Spring 11 preview charts, provided by the superb nelson☆彡 and The Cart Driver respectively. Remember that the recent Earthquake in Japan ...

Spring 2011 14 Jan 2011 | 07:38 am

The magnificent nelson☆彡 and The Cart Driver provide a preview of Spring 2011, for those interested. Praise their enthusiasm. Nelson - Spring 2011 The Cart Driver - Spring 2011

Demolition Fail Ouch 7 Nov 2011 | 08:55 am

Demolition Fail Ouch I have no idea what they thought was going to happen here, but the driver of the heavy machinery gets a concrete building on top of him. Ouch.

Bus Speeds Through Flooded Streets 29 Aug 2011 | 08:29 am

Bus Speeds Through Flooded Streets This bus driver isn't stopping for anyone. He speeds past stationary cars and bus stops determined to get through the deep water, like a bus.

AJAX PayPal Cart – Free jQuery Plugin for PayPal Shopping Cart 19 Nov 2011 | 02:55 am

AJAX PayPal Cart is an easy to use jQuery plugin for PayPal shopping cart that can be use by web developer to add a full shopping cart on e-commerce website. URL

Introducing The All New iHost Vegas…The Las Vegas Nightlife Entertainment App 10 May 2010 | 05:38 am

iHost introduced  a Las Vegas Nightclub iPhone App in 2009, and followed with a 2010 update that included a shopping cart that you could add Entry fees and Table service via PayPal to Las Vegas Nightc...

AUTO DRIVER 15 Jun 2010 | 01:43 am is an application which provides Car information, Car reviews and financial services like Insurance and car finance. It’s having capabilities to get car information from more multiple d...

Download Koleksi Driver Acer Aspire 4738Z untuk Windows XP Disini 9 Feb 2011 | 08:09 am

Mengingat perkembangan hardware yang pesat dan kecenderungan vendor hardware yang mengarahkan konsumen untuk (mau-tidak-mau) berpindah ke Windows 7 sepertinya semakin terbukti nyata. Betapa tidak, pen...

Driver and driving jobs in Dubai 25 Feb 2011 | 05:04 am

Who doesn’t want to have a job that is as comfortable as that of a driver? How about having such a driving job in Dubai or Qatar? Driving around the rich and wealthy, getting high tips and meeting man...

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