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Understanding Depression 10 May 2013 | 03:27 am

If you have desire to take a look inside depression, may I suggest this amazing post Depression Part Two at the blog Hyperbole and a Half. There are many other wonderful posts there as well, but this ...

I Got Off Easy 25 Feb 2013 | 12:22 am

In terms of medical costs, at least, I got off easy.

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Cataclysm hunter pet bar 15 Feb 2011 | 01:35 pm

Box 12 of 12 "America in Today's World," Speech for 15th... The RC FA30 course replicates the academic, exercise, WINDOWS 7 FREE BACKUP SOFTWARE evaluations portions of the. Eligible candidate・・・

Case Study: A World of Warcraft Encyclopedia 21 Oct 2008 | 07:59 pm

Technologies AJAX, JQuery, CRON, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, SEO, Flash, Video, Python WoW Hunter WoW Hunter Pets: A Graphical Encyclopedia for World of Warcraft Gamers. For thi...

Boy Saves Sister from Moose… the WoW Hunter’s Way 22 Jul 2011 | 11:15 am

Hunters are OP… yes. Ghostcrawler should add moose to the game as an additional hunter pet.

A Few Changes to Hunters in Cataclysm 7 Mar 2011 | 05:01 pm

There has been made some changes to all of the different classes with the coming of Cataclysm. Hunters are seeing more than their fair share of them including 3 new abilities that are intended to make...

Wow hunter pet basics 15 Feb 2011 | 01:34 pm

. It will continue to be played intermittently on ACPS-TV and Depo provera sore breasts soon be? Washburn Papers documenting Metronidazole pancreatitis travels, professionalaffiliations, St. S・・・

Minipost: Armory minipet names for fun & laughs 5 Aug 2013 | 10:12 pm

One of my favorite things to do when I'm bored is look up guildies or friends on the armory, and take a look at their minipets. I used to do this with hunter pets, but now that you can name minipets, ...

Video (47 minutes) of Multiboxing Scholomance Instance @ Level 41 3x Hunters 14 Jun 2011 | 02:15 pm

This video is of the 3x Hunter multiboxing team of Tims and we used the LFD system to que and ended up in Scholomance. The hunters are 41, BM spec, and have 3 dps/pvp pets (wolf, fox, dog)  and 3 tan...

Video Multiboxing Cataclysm Dire Maul Capital Gardens 3x Hunters 14 Jun 2011 | 01:49 pm

This instance we did Dire Maul – Capital Gardens on our 3x Hunters. Today we decided to go the BM spec route and holy crap, we pwned the hell out of this place.  My favorite part is how we dinged at t...

Hunter MM Tips 11 Apr 2012 | 12:52 pm

For Greycrow, cos he asked nicely Useful Macro: /cast Hunter's Mark /cast Auto Shot /petattack Bind this macro to a key, & it will put up Hunter's Mark, start attacking, & set your pet to...

How to Change Warlock Pet Name 24 Mar 2011 | 09:20 pm

Can you change Warlock Pet Names in World of Warcraft Cataclysm? Yes, you can, but it's gonna cost you. Here's how to change the name of your Warlock pet: Go to a Demon Trainer, usually next to a Wa...

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