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Chinese suppliers: 6 distinctive traits of forward-thinking LEADERS 27 Aug 2013 | 03:01 pm

In the course of the few Global Sources forums that I attended recently, I was part of discussions between executives representing Chinese exporting companies (manufacturers and traders). One thing t...

How Quality and Price are Tightly LINKED in China 22 Aug 2013 | 08:33 pm

I see new-to-China importers make the same mistake, over and over. They focus on nice samples (which are NOT indicative of mass production’s quality) and on the unit price. And they completely forget...

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Tricker's Footwear 24 Mar 2012 | 12:00 pm

We are supplied directly from the Tricker`s factory in Northampton. Only shoes which have passed the Tricker`s quality inspection are despatched to our customers.

Boost Visibility in Quality Inspection Using Machine Vision 9 Aug 2010 | 05:00 pm

Production facilities have recently shown an increased demand for accurate defect visibility during the quality inspection process. Using real world "before and after" examples, this illustrated guide...

Multiple Job Postings 5/4/2012 5 May 2012 | 04:18 pm

iforce is now hiring for Quality Inspection in the Marysville area! Clear Channel radio has multiple openings, both full and part-time. Custom Staffing is in need of parts inspectors for 1st and 2n....

THE 1911 REVOLUTION (BRRIP | 650MB) 23 Nov 2011 | 02:00 pm

Release Date : 23 September 2011 (China) Quality : BRRip Info : Cast : Jackie Chan, Bingbing Li and Winston Chao Genre : Action | Adventure | Drama Subtitle :...

How to improve your Chinese supplier pool? 14 May 2012 | 02:17 pm

by Renaud Anjoran in 'Quality Inspection Blog' Many importers have learned the value of a good supplier pool the hard way.

The 3 types of sourcing companies in China 17 Feb 2012 | 07:46 pm

by Renaud Anjoran in 'Quality Inspection Blog' When an importer wants to source a new product in China, he basically has 4 options, 3 of which involve the use of a sourcing company:

When looking for a house…look up!!! 25 Jun 2010 | 12:40 pm

During my time as a field manager, our area managers would come out to do Quality Inspections on the completed houses.  This usually occurred about 1 week before we would walk the house with the buyer...

Wholesale Clothing China Men’s Underwear Direct From China Quality First 9 Sep 2010 | 01:05 pm

Wholesale Clothing China Men’s Underwear Direct From China Quality First Our suppliers help buyers find the best value for all the products they are looking for. We are largest client in the Asia-Pa...

The 10 components of a good quality assurance strategy in China 21 Jun 2012 | 10:34 am

by Renaud Anjoran in 'Quality Inspection Blog' Ensuring product quality over time is one of the major challenges of all importers in China. But what makes for an effective quality assurance strategy?

China 101: Sourcing from China Survival Guide (Part II) 5 Jun 2012 | 05:19 pm

This is the second part of a guest post by Renaud Anjouran, founder of Sofeast, a QC firm in China, and writer of Quality Inspection Tips blog, a must read blog if you are sourcing from China. If you...

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