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‘Pacific Rim’ Blu-ray Cover Art 21 Aug 2013 | 05:55 am

Release date: TBA

‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Blu-ray Cover Art 21 Aug 2013 | 05:54 am

Release date: September 10, 2013

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Skyfall - Custom Bluray Cover - English [2012] 27 Aug 2013 | 05:53 pm

Skyfall Eklenti 40115 Tasarım Bana Aittir. Setin Devamı Gelecektir. Eklenen Resim Ön İzlemesi 1.jpg (109,6 KB) Eklenmiş Dosya James Bond - Skyfall - 23 - Bluray Cover - English - Riddick.rar (3...

Rush (Zafere Hücum) - Custom Bluray Cover - English [2013] 27 Aug 2013 | 04:58 pm

Rush (Zafere Hücum) Eklenti 40114 Eklenen Resim Ön İzlemesi BLU-RAY 1 DISC FLAT (3173x1762) 11mm (Kırmızı).jpg (107,8 KB) Eklenmiş Dosya Rush Bluray Cover English.rar (5,37 MB )

Mary and Max - Custom Bluray Cover - English [2009] 27 Aug 2013 | 10:59 am

Mary and Max Eklenti 40111 Tasarım Bana Aittir. Eklenen Resim Ön İzlemesi BLU-RAY 1 DISC FLAT (3173x1762) 11mm.jpg (108,2 KB) Eklenmiş Dosya Mary and Max Bluray Cover English.rar (3,40 MB )

The Ward (Koğuş) - Custom Bluray Cover - English [2010] 25 Aug 2013 | 03:22 pm

The Ward - Koğuş Eklenti 40100 Eklenen Resim Ön İzlemesi The Ward (Koğuş) - Custom Bluray Cover - English [2010] V1 Pre.jpg (105,8 KB) Eklenmiş Dosya The Ward (Koğuş) - Custom Bluray Cover - Engl...

“The more you drive, the less intelligent you are.” 21 Jul 2013 | 07:27 pm

Always wear your seatbelt, because Repo Man is the Greatest Movie EVER! Click on the Bluray cover or the movie title above to download our review of the film, featuring Sean “Hollywood” Hunting. Rev...

Meet Amelia Fortune : And vote for a cover 14 Mar 2012 | 11:55 pm

by C. L. Phillips Amelia Fortune, a twenty-four year old widow, is unjustly convicted of wrongful death of her husband, Tommy.  After the verdict, she's viciously beaten in county jail.  The ADA offe...

I'm Just Sayin' 29 Jul 2011 | 01:38 pm

I bought this little bluray disc a while back. Maybe you've heard of it. Here's the front cover: Of course, I've seen A Nightmare on Elm Street many times, so this was promptly added to my collection...

Lockout (2012) UNRATED BluRay 1080p 5.1CH x264 29 Jun 2012 | 09:44 pm

Set in the near future, a falsely convicted ex-government agent has one chance at obtaining freedom. He must undertake a dangerous mission to rescue the President’s daughter from rioting convicts at a...

Maximum Conviction 2012 | Movie 17 Oct 2012 | 05:00 am

فيلم فوق العاده زيبا، ديدني و اکشن Maximum Conviction ( دانلود با لينک مستقيم // با کيفيت BluRay 720p // به همراه زيرنويس فارسي )

GUILTY! Three Marines Who Raped Tortured and Killed Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak and Sgt. Jan Pietrzak in OBVIOUS Hate Crime 7 Jun 2013 | 06:14 pm

Three of the four Marines who raped tortured and killed Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak and her husband Sgt. Jan Pietrzak have been convicted. We first covered this horrific crime back in 2008. The national m...

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