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Dramatic New Images From Space of California's Rim Fire 27 Aug 2013 | 09:10 am

On Monday morning, I published two images and an animation showing California's dangerous Rim Fire from the vantage of space. Since then, additional imagery has become available, so I thought I'd shar...

A scientific analysis of Fifty Shades of Grey. 26 Aug 2013 | 10:00 pm

I haven't read Fifty Shades of Grey, but I've heard enough about it to know how ridiculous it sounds. However, that didn't stop these researchers from doing an in-depth analysis of the novel and argui...

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Νέα Υόρκη: Συνέντευξη ΥΠΕΞ Στ. Λαμπρινίδη μετά τη συνάντησή του με τον Γενικό Γραμματέα του ΟΗΕ, Ban Ki-moon 19 Sep 2011 | 08:55 am

ΣΤ. ΛΑΜΠΡΙΝΙΔΗΣ: Είχαμε μια πολύ φιλική και χρήσιμη συνάντηση με τον Γενικό Γραμματέα για μια σειρά από μεγάλα θέματα που θα απασχολήσουν τη Γενική Συνέλευση. Στην κορυφή της ατζέντας ήταν, φυσικά, τ...

CSS 3.0 Tools – Don’t reinvent the wheel 7 Apr 2012 | 04:03 am

This article is part of  series, “HTML5 iPhone Website Development” During your CSS creation, whenever  you think you need a gradient or rounder corner or a rotation, we can use the advantage of CSS3...

sailor moon 5 Feb 2010 | 08:10 pm


Welcome to the Australian Sex Party 27 Jan 2008 | 03:31 am

{loadposition rotator}

P.M. Cleveland Cavaliers links: LeBron James gives Cavs the Michael Jordan-type player this time 23 Apr 2010 | 07:39 pm

Last time the Cavs won a playoff game in Chicago, the Bulls' Michael Jordan was the NBA's best player. Jamario Moon in the spotlight; Cavs defend Cleveland; and more. Joshua Gunter, The Pla...

Alternative Health – Uniting Mind, Body And Soul 9 Apr 2012 | 09:23 pm

I will so trust that what is deep is holy, that I will do strongly before the sun and the moon whatever inly rejoices me and the heart appoints. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson Each day, are you becoming more of...

Black Ops Moon Zombies Glitches Infinite Air Strategy Glitch 31 Aug 2011 | 12:11 pm

One of the newest Black Ops Moon Zombies glitches it is the infinite air strategy glitch Related PostsCall of Duty Black Ops glitches Michael Jackson Zombies GlitchCall Of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2 Glit...

Call of Duty Black Ops glitches Michael Jackson Zombies Glitch 31 Aug 2011 | 11:48 am

This a video tutorial for one of call of duty black ops glitches which will include Michael Jackson glitch while playing Zombies mode. Related PostsBlack Ops Moon Zombies Glitches Infinite Air Strateg...

AE 跟踪反抖动小教程 12 Aug 2010 | 01:04 am

AE跟踪反抖动小教程受朋友之托,简单谈一下。AE的跟踪反抖动功能主要适用于,拍摄时没用脚架的固定镜头,摇镜头或跟、升降等运动镜头的反抖动需用到boujou等专业跟踪软件。第一步:打开ae调入素材 第二步:使用跟踪反抖动第三步:选择跟踪类型,没用脚架的肩扛拍摄或是手提拍摄一般选位移“position”和角度“rotation”两项就行了。

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