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PR: Googleにしませんか?あなたの会社にAppsを! 27 Aug 2013 | 01:24 pm

25GBのメール、カレンダー、共有ドキュメント等、全部揃って一人年間6000円! Ads by Trend Match

decimalbasic - / Decimal BASIC Open Source Project 27 Aug 2013 | 01:24 pm

JIS Full BASIC規格のBASIC処理系 (仮称)十進BASICのマルチプラットフォーム化および国際化。

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META thread eclipse and lemurs OMFG!!! WTF !!! BBQ !!! 22 May 2012 | 01:09 pm

Seems the eclipse disturbed some inferior mammals... Lemur...

Lemur frenzy! 22 May 2012 | 06:39 am

For the Lemur lovers on this site. ;) Eclipse fools lemurs into thinking it's night, causing...

Annular Eclipse 21 May 2012 | 10:21 pm

Yesterday, Eugene got to (sort of) see the annular solar eclipse. It was largely obstructed by clouds, but the clouds did offer a good opportunity to capture the eclipse on film. Below are a couple im...

Веб-разработка в Eclipse: JavaScript 20 Jul 2011 | 10:03 am

Как отмечалось ранее, для работы JS вместо Spket IDE я теперь использую Eclipse JSDT, который входит в состав Eclipse Web Tools Project. Причины для такого перехода вполне естественные: проекты, с кот...

Dragon Quest 08 10 Jul 2011 | 03:22 am

ANN | anidb | Official Site Dragon Quest: ~Legend of the Hero Abel~ ドラゴンクエスト~勇者アベル伝説~ Episode 08 Level 08: Archfiend Baramos’ Weakness!! The Mystery of the Night of the Lunar Eclipse Synopsis Dr...

Eclipse Training Series Special Offers 8 May 2012 | 10:00 am

EclipseSource is offering special discounts on Eclipse RCP and Modeling courses as part of the Eclipse Training Series

Get started with EMF 31 Oct 2011 | 11:00 am

Sign up to download the EMF tutorial, "What every Eclipse developer should know about EMF"

Splitting large Axis generated files into separate classes 9 Aug 2010 | 12:29 am

I recently had to struggle with a SOAP webservice class generated by Apache Axis2. The class file was more than 13 MB in size, and contained more than 290.000 lines of code - much more than Eclipse, I...

CodeCanyon – Android Webview With Progress bar and admob ads v1.1 8 May 2012 | 09:45 pm

Version 1.1 What’s New 1. Splash Screen 2. Play mp3 files Build your android webview app in 5 minutes using Eclipse,ADT Plugin and Android SDK . A perfect webview android app with almost all main...

Nine year old hacker hacks Google’s Lunar Eclipse Doodle 17 Jun 2011 | 03:34 pm

Last week when Google had the Les Paul doodle my son Vincent was so impressed by it he was playing and recording songs for 2 days. When Google removed the guitar app he was so upset and everyday has b...

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