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EMS Summer offerings for software and Maintenance purchase 30 May 2013 | 05:00 am

Check out our summer deals! 20% OFF all EMS software till June 30!

EMS SQL Administrator released! 18 Mar 2013 | 04:00 am

We are pleased to announce the release of SQL Administrator - a brand new tool for efficient SQL Server administration.

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6 أدوات لا يمكنني العيش بدونها 23 Oct 2010 | 11:58 pm

1. PHP Designer محرر PHP, CSS, XHTML, MySQL, JS البرنامج يوفر خصائص أكثر مما احتاج فعليا، جربت PHPStrom وكان رائعا وبخصائص جديدة، (أنصح بتجربته). حاليا ابحث عن محرر يدعم CSS3 و HTML5، سمعت أن PHPDesi...

2011 Annuncio del Natale di spedizione 24 Nov 2011 | 09:33 pm

Ci sono due metodi principali di consegna disponibili sul nostro sito: Spedizione standard, via Hong-Kong Post Trasporto espresso, via EMS, DHL, UPS ou Fedex Spedizione Standard: Se ordinate da qua...

Installing Apache, MySQL, and PHP on Windows Vista 23 Dec 2010 | 06:08 am

If you’re looking for a good developmental server for your work, or just for personal use, what better place than your workstation? It eliminates the need for uploading your work to a remote server an...

How to set your Magento SQL Connection Path 26 Nov 2008 | 01:29 am

The easy way to set your MySQL path in Magento is by editing the /app/etc/local.xml file with your new details. A good example when you may need this is if your are migrating Magento across servers. ...

How to setup Django and MySQL-python on Mac OS X Lion 24 Jan 2012 | 02:16 am

Django is an excellent web-framework written in Python. Here is a quick setup guide for installing Django and MySQL-python on Mac OS X Lion. Setup Django - Download latest Django here - At this po...

Wrong character encoding – Latin-1, UTF-8 data in MySQL 24 Jun 2011 | 03:17 pm

This article saved me quite some headache – also this is the cleanest solution of all. For several other workarounds, see Stackoverflow here. The solution that works was: delete the brackets, dont f...

webmin上安装最新版Virtualmin模块 11 Jun 2011 | 01:01 pm

Virtualmin是一个基于Webmin的虚拟主机管理模块。在自己的虚拟机上安装了Virtualmin,发现他的功能十分强大。个人感觉不比商业化的虚拟主机管理工具如DirectAdmin差。Virtualmin提供了完美的中文支持。 Virtualmin默认使用如下组件:  Apache, BIND, Postfix ,MySQL ,ProFTPD 我是以webmin的模块模式安装,点击 web...

Copying/Moving a MySQL database 28 Mar 2008 | 12:24 am

If you ever have to move a database from one server to another, perhaps you'll find these notes handy. I...

美国主机Hostmonster介绍 18 Dec 2009 | 07:40 am

被称为“主机怪物”的美国主机Hostmonster近年来发展的也是非常不错,目前已经突破60万域名存放大关。虽然相比其母公司Bluehost的100万域名存放量来说还有一定的距离,但是作为独立品牌发展的Hostmonster在主机界也同样是赢得了很大的市场份额,以及众多客户的好评。 Hostmonster的经营模式非常的简单,只提供一个Linux主机型号:php+mysql。对此很多客户抱怨这么... 26 May 2012 | 01:03 am


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