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Fringe(迷离档案/危机边缘)第一季(赠送QVGA全集下载资源) 31 Jul 2009 | 11:39 pm

最近在看美国科幻悬疑电视连续剧Fringe,中文译名迷离档案或危机边缘。该剧是美国FOX电视台的2008-2009的主打剧之一。其中,该片第一集耗资千万美元,相当于国内制作数百部电视剧的投资!而后的每一集制作费用也在200万美元左右。 该片讲述的是FBI美女特工Olivia Dunham(奥利维亚,昵称小奥)奉命加入FBI成立的Fringe专案调查组,调查地球上出线的形形色色的恐怖袭击和灵异事件...

TRUE : Episode 6.16 - Casting Rumors 3 Apr 2010 | 04:46 am

Thanks to Patrick for the heads up. Source: IMDB Stay up to date even quicker by following us on Twitter

Hide 2011 DVDRiP AC3 XViD-USM 20 Nov 2011 | 09:46 am

Chesterfield High School basketball practice has ended. One year later the town is still reeling from the massacre of a brutal mischief night murder... http://r....

Ninja Assassin (2009) 27 Feb 2010 | 06:21 am

A young ninja turns his back on orphanage that raised him, leading to a confrontation with a fellow ninja from the clan.

The Women (2008) 27 Feb 2010 | 01:28 am

A wealthy New Yorker leaves her cheating husband and bonds with other society women at a resort.

Crushed (2009) 27 Feb 2010 | 12:14 am

Love can be painful. Very painful. The intriguing-on-the-outside, twisted-and-tortured-on-the-inside…

Rome & Jewel (2008) 27 Feb 2010 | 12:01 am

This modernization of Shakespear’s tragic love story Romeo and Juliette is set in Los Angeles against a backdrop of inter-racial romance.

The Donner Party (2009) 26 Feb 2010 | 09:53 pm

Based on the real events of The Donner Party tragedy. The Donner Party was a group of California-bound...

The Secret In Their Eyes (2009) 26 Feb 2010 | 09:39 pm

A man wants to solve a murder committed 30 years ago. http://rapidshare...

My Father is a Liar: Lindsay Lohan 23 Mar 2010 | 06:16 pm

Actress Lindsay Lohan has called her father a liar for telling the press she contacted him during his recent stint in hospital. According to the reports Lindsay, who earlier accused her fath...

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