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Crafting Calm for Creativity and Contemplation 15 Aug 2013 | 07:42 pm

"If you only have five minutes [to craft] that's long enough to lift your heart, to raise your inspiration." ~ Rev. Maggie Oman Shannon As some of you know, I produce the Arts and Healing Network's A...

Have Fun, Do Good Birthday Fundraiser! 14 Aug 2013 | 07:59 pm

I'm going to be 44 on August 19th (can you believe it?). The 19th is also the 8th anniversary of Have Fun * Do  Good! A big thanks to all of you for reading (: To celebrate my b-day, I've created a f...

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How Are Your Dreams Unfolding? 6 Jan 2012 | 07:13 am

Too often I’ve watched as the “roller coaster of emotions” has raced up and down the hearts of my family as they’ve experienced the joy and fun of good times together, followed by the sadness of sayin...

Summer 2011 2 Aug 2011 | 04:44 am

Our summer has been filled with so many fun adventures good times with family and friends. Here are a few highlights. Blogging has not been a high priority as we are trying to stay unplugged. Enjoy. ...

Horse Slippers are a Great Gift for Any Horse Lover 8 Jun 2009 | 04:35 pm

Horse slippers are fun and good-humored gift for your favorite horse lover.  These aren’t your grandma’s bunny slippers–neighhh! Soft, plush horse slippers come in various styles and in sizes for chi...

bankclothing: Enter to win a special prize from friends of BANK... 15 Dec 2010 | 08:45 pm

bankclothing: Enter to win a special prize from friends of BANK Clothing.  Have fun and good luck winning! I WANT! 27 Aug 2010 | 04:15 am

Kampar's famous nite market chee cheong fun! quite good. esp the char siu have to queue up =_____=" one thing bad is.. they don provide spoons.. zzzz and so yesterday at we're headed to Mel...

Shifting Our Focus For Better Results 25 Feb 2010 | 01:06 pm

When we have a narrow focus (which we often do), we don't see the entirety of what's there. The potential. The gifts. The joy. The fun. The good. The opportunity. When we look for bad, we'll find it.

Vallnord – ASP – Gery in Andorra 3 Dec 2011 | 09:39 pm

This year I hope to see you in Vallnord the snowpark with ASP guarantee fun and good jumps

Event soon 23 Oct 2010 | 01:18 am

we need more members to make our event successful . i already have the rewards to the winner and losers =) so invite more active people to make it fun xD .. Good luck all

Hawaii Water Sports Center Landing Page Design Optimization 15 Dec 2010 | 01:59 pm

First of all, the colors and imagery on this landing page are awesome. It really looks Fun. Very good job with communicating the emotional appeal of the offer. That said, and if I had my way, here are...

Gold Miners House 7 17 Jan 2011 | 10:03 pm

Find the gold miners and you find the gold, have fun and good luck!

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