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Significance of Motors and Batteries in Electric Cars 19 May 2011 | 06:37 am

Electric cars can be fitted with either DC or AC motors. If a car is equipped with a DC motor, then it can run on anything between 96 to 192 volts. The electric fork lift industry is a premier produce...

Benefits of Electric Vehicles 19 May 2011 | 06:36 am

Electric Vehicles believe in one word: simplicity. In comparison with gasoline powered vehicles, electric vehicles achieve a staggering 90% efficiency rate because they are engineered to convert energ...

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Mar 25, Lompoc High School 26 Mar 2013 | 03:43 am

Lompoc is building our electric car!

Mar 25, Lompoc High School 26 Mar 2013 | 03:43 am

Lompoc is building our electric car!

Mar 25, Lompoc High School 26 Mar 2013 | 03:42 am

Lompoc is building our electric car!

Electric car vs bike: Citroen Survolt vs Agni Z 28 Apr 2012 | 04:33 pm

We’ve already shown video of Citroen’s electric-powered Survolt concept car, and now it takes on an electric Agni Z2 motorcycle in the world’s first electric cars vs bike showdown.

Electric car question 22 Mar 2010 | 12:15 pm

If you have a double shaft electric motor with one end turning the wheels of a car and the other turning a generator to charge the batteries, would that not take care of the range and recharging probl...

Nissan Celebrates Revenge of the Electric Car with Green Program 2016 29 Oct 2011 | 12:50 pm

The 2006 documentary, “Who Killed the Electric Car,” appeared to show the auto manufacturing industry in bed with Big Oil, such that battery-powered vehicles never even had a chance.  Its hard to beli...

Charging Forward with Electric Cars and Recharging Stations 22 Sep 2011 | 03:54 pm

Charging ahead with electric cars Electric cars and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are quickly becoming mainstream options for people looking to save money at the gas pump and reduce CO2 emissions....

Hydrogen Car & Electric Car Domains 20 Jun 2008 | 01:10 am

I own a pile of domains related to Hydrogen Cars and Electric Cars. With oil running out and gas prices going through the roof, I’m hoping the value of these domains will be rising in the near future...

Volpe : Small Car that can enter the Lift 2 May 2012 | 10:48 pm

This car is claimed to be the world's smallest electric cars. Because the size is very small, Volpe even could enter the lift. Volpe who uses electric as its power source is claimed as the world's sma...

BMW Electric Car Concept 22 May 2012 | 02:51 pm

BMW has made the concept for this type of new cars. Cars with power concept BMW is certainly an option that will be interesting to be excellent for the new car. BMW Group is working on electric techno...

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