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Jan 31, Drawing with confidence. 1 Feb 2011 | 05:30 am

Looking at how one holds a pencil may indicate how confident or otherwise, an artist is with their drawing equipment. As a professional T tutor, I watch

Jan 31, perception 1 Feb 2011 | 05:28 am

When you are painting a face for example, the parts of the face that protrude (i.e. the nose) should be slightly lighter than the rest of the face. To

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Playing with food from Juan Medina 23 Apr 2013 | 08:43 pm

Colombian artist Juana Medina to create their whimsical works mainly uses watercolor pencil and some food. Medina believes that most of the illustrations are very economical on materials. Her work is...

Jan 31, Drawing with confidence. 1 Feb 2011 | 05:25 am

Most artists tend to use HB pencils when they are drawing. However, this grade can cut into paper leaving permanent grooves.... I prefer to use a

Color Pencil Drawings: The Essential Techniques 25 Apr 2012 | 10:13 am

Color pencil drawings are too REAL ART! Many artists use color pencils as their primary medium. They are one of the best mediums to use in mixed media work

{ artist ave } lilly piri 29 May 2011 | 11:38 am

I recently discovered talented Australian artist, Lilly Piri and have been mesmerized by her work ever since. She uses color pencils, oils and pen and her illustrations are soft, romantic and have suc...

A story and a blessing! 14 Jan 2010 | 07:39 am

So I just discovered our first crayon on the furniture incident! I bought Josiah his first crayons on Monday(previously he just used markers, pencils, etc. cause that's what we had around). I always p...

100 is a lot! 30 Apr 2010 | 06:52 am

Wondering where I've been? Well, 100 is a lot of squares! I found that out when I stitched this grid. It's taken me a full week! I used a pencil to draw the grid on the fabric but I noticed two thin...

HTML5 BASIC PAINTING APPLICATIONS (via anshikajaggi) 13 Jan 2011 | 01:36 am

Nice Article 1. How to use a pencil tool in html5 canvas To Use Pencil Tool  We have to use some Event Listeners by which we can move our mouse anywhere on screen and draw Circles, arcs, rectangles, ...

Eyebrow Growth 16 Jan 2011 | 01:14 am

Eyebrow Growth – Eyebrows basically deteriorate in time. For those who usually pluck their eyebrows and lead to using eyebrow pencils may find out in time that their eyebrows fail to grow back. Even t...

Blu-ray to iPad Ripper rip Blu bar DVD movies as far as something iPad 4 Aug 2011 | 10:48 pm

The is a energetic and easy-to-use Blu pencil converter for iPad fans. It is especially designed in regard to users who would like to gyp Blu pencil DVD movies after iPad. This talented Blu pencil to ...

DER VOGEL 1 Mar 2012 | 09:15 pm

These beautiful yet obscure illustrations are by my lovely friend Oriana Fenwick. She clearly knows how to use a pencil. 

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