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CrashPlan Keeps Crashing 18 Aug 2013 | 02:20 am

I had an issue where CrashPlan kept on crashing on Mac (OSX 10.8.4). The CrashPlan launch menu bar would also fail to show, and even when I started it manually, it would only stay active for no more t...

The Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action 12 Aug 2013 | 03:00 am

Another great video shown at the Emerging Leadership Development Program meeting I was at last week was Simon Sinek’s TEDx talk on How Great Leaders Inspire Action. The take-away point for me was this...

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Ken Rockwell D40 28 Apr 2013 | 04:51 pm

For those who have tried to use both, is it true that the older d40 is more superior when it comes to image quality. Well, I have your answer. As others have pointed out, good ole Ken should be taken ...

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