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楽譜投稿/不採用楽譜情報 24 Jul 2013 | 09:22 am

不採用楽譜情報 パート数が足りない小節数が足りない って言われても、どんくらいが基準なのか分からないよ… って職人のために、上記の理由で不採用になった曲はここに書けば良いと思うよ 大体の基準が分かるし NG理由一覧+修正方法例 投稿曲の内容が、原曲と違いま...<img src="" hei...

アンケート 25 Jan 2013 | 06:06 am

アンケート 自由に追加してください。 アンケート 投稿コンテスト、どれを投稿した? 発売日の深夜0時までに何曲の投稿楽譜がDL出来るようになると思う? 発売翌週の深夜0時(2008/07/03 24:00)までに何曲の投稿楽譜がDL出来るようになると思う? 投稿曲をダウ...

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Moving On 10 Mar 2012 | 11:14 am

This is where you'll find me. Hi Friend, I am moving this blog to a new URL.  You can now find me at:  Things will look a bit different there, but all previous content from here, a...

AJAX PayPal Cart – Free jQuery Plugin for PayPal Shopping Cart 19 Nov 2011 | 02:55 am

AJAX PayPal Cart is an easy to use jQuery plugin for PayPal shopping cart that can be use by web developer to add a full shopping cart on e-commerce website. URL

URL rewriting technology - Static pages on your website 21 Mar 2008 | 03:36 am

Static URLs are very important to achieve best possible search engine positioning and to increase web site performance. Article comments main difference between static and dynamic page names (URLs) a...

Exchange Links...Improve Page Ranks and Traffic.. 21 Feb 2008 | 02:53 pm

For sites having Google Page Rank = 1 : Whats the deal ?? You give a link on your site's Sidebar to my blog : URL : with a TITLE : Sameer Khan's BLOG and I wil...

Aone Ultra Video Converter.rar 20 Jan 2012 | 08:48 am

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Evolução do Google | E o Trabalho de SEO? 24 Nov 2010 | 01:37 am

Lembram como eram os resultados do Google antingamente? Apenas resultados ordenados, contendo titles, descriptions e urls em sua interface? Pois é, O Google está em constante evolução e cada vez mais ...

Valid url encode with googlebot 8 Aug 2009 | 02:29 pm

If you are use non alpha characters in URL, you should encode them. It is easy to do this in many program langauge.  I use php to do this: <?php $url_arg = urlencode(‘一将功成万骨枯’); ?> Yo...

VISIT WESTMORELAND, VA 12 Jun 2010 | 09:07 pm

No reference URL given

URL Encoder Decoder – Free Javascript 9 Jan 2008 | 08:27 am

This URL Encoder is a good way to encoder or hide html text. Our URL Encoder is a tool that converts HTML code into a Unicode string which means the text looks scrambled when your source code is viewe...

How to remove index files from URL on Nginx 30 Apr 2012 | 01:15 pm

So yesterday while i was idling on Freenode i saw someone asking in Nginx channel that he basically wants to remove the index.php file from the url or in other words he wants to redirect

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