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50 Best Blogs for the Avid Antiquer 18 Jun 2010 | 03:33 pm

Whether you're hunting for a killer mid-century lamp, Victorian knick knacks or old photographs, antiquing can be a fun and often inexpensive way to build a collection and spend an afternoon. For ...

Restoring old photograph… 10 Jan 2011 | 06:46 pm

To demonstrate, here is a sample photograph to show the step by step process of photo restoration. This faded black and white photo shows creases and discoloration. It’s the preview……… Step 1: Open...

Space Trip (color) 2 Jun 2011 | 12:13 am

Photoshop may 2011 "He didn't really like holograms. He preferred old photographs to capture his memories, and always carried that vintage camera. This one is from our trip to that weird pinkish plan...

{ fav photographers } ann he 22 May 2011 | 09:46 am

Another talented young one, 16 year old photographer Ann He captures natural light and fresh-faced darlings so beautifully. Her work is stunning and each photo tells a visual story, like in this serie...

mais... 7 Jun 2009 | 02:28 am

MyHeritage: Celebrity Morph - Family tree search - Old photographs

Christmas Princess 9 Jan 2012 | 07:11 pm

Family Slideshow When we found my Auntie’s old photograph slides in her damp garage, I knew what had to be done. With the help of my mom and dad, hundreds of old slides were scanned, one by one, with...

My First Love, My First Kiss 1 Dec 2009 | 04:21 am

"I worked so hard for that first kiss And a heart don't forget something like that Like an old photograph Time can make a feeling fade But the memory of first love Never fades away..." I was 13 yrs....

Student//Teacher: Evgeniy Sunik 22 Aug 2009 | 03:00 am

Evgeniy Sunik is a 24 year old photographer studying at Fresno City College. Here's an introduction to what he has to say about his on going photographic series The Infinite of Finite: "The work explo...

Melville House Fife Scotland 28 Jul 2009 | 06:22 am

An old photograph of Melville House, Fife, Scotland.

High Street Methil Fife Scotland 21 Jul 2009 | 11:57 pm

An old photograph of the High Street, Methil, Fife, Scotland.

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