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Something Blue: AVATAR Weddings 23 Dec 2010 | 06:44 am

Come on, you know you’ve always wanted to have an AVATAR-themed wedding…oh, you haven’t? Well, some fans have. Recently, there came this news: “Enterprising events organisers in natural beauty spot Wu...

Netflix is sued for 28-day delay of new release DVDs 5 Mar 2010 | 11:56 am

Susan Uman, a Netflix subscriber from Manhattan, is suing the movie rental company and Warner Bros. in a class action lawsuit filed in Manhattan Federal Court for the 28 day delay of new release DVDs....

In the Spotlight... 14 Jan 2011 | 07:47 pm

Our boys were featured in the Primary Spotlight section of our ward's January Newsletter. The write ups are so darling, I just had to share... Our Primary Secretary is amazing! (Thanks, Susan!) T...

New Celtic Woman Announced! 3 Feb 2012 | 01:58 am

Celtic Woman would like to welcome its newest member Susan McFadden! Susan will be joining Chloë Máiréad and Lisa Lambe on the Believe tour, which kicks off this February in North America.

Shannyn Sossamon Won’t Return for Season 2 2 Aug 2011 | 08:31 am

Shannyn Sossamon's character Gingy Wu will not return for season 2 of How to Make it in America.  Her Range Rover was used by Ben and Cam more than she was, so Gingy will not be missed. #audioscience

Toà Án Công Lý – Ghetto Justice (Phim HK US Lồng Tiếng 04/20 Tập) 30 Jul 2011 | 02:07 pm

Xem Online - Toà Án Công Lý - Ghetto Justice (Phim HK US Lồng Tiếng) Xem Online -Toà Án Công Lý – Ghetto Justice (Phim HK US Lồng Tiếng) Diễn Viên: Kevin Cheng ,Myolie Wu ,Joyce Tang ,Sharon Chan ,S...

数字的感悟 5 Mar 2011 | 01:10 am

转载、分享请保留本文链接: 高处往下看 不被别人看见 却可以看见每一个人 这是怎样一种秘密和快乐 既然如此,一个人呆着也很好 岁月曲折 童心却无法折服 攀上去,滑下来 重复简单,终究快乐 就让在游戏中长大 当生命换个形式出现 眼睛开始做比较 心开始计算 自己离那个叫做成人的动物 到底还有多...

Susan Marine: House Bill 1140 to help prevent suicide 14 Feb 2012 | 08:42 am

Letter to the Editor: Colorado has the 6th highest rate of suicide in the nation. 867 Coloradans died by suicide in 2010 – there were 447 in the seven county metro area. The largest number of suicide...

求购松下电视摇控器 2 Dec 2010 | 07:44 pm

我家在2001年购买的松下牌电视机,目前电视机功能正常,但是摇控器失灵,请问那位有适配的摇控器出售,非常感谢! 我的邮箱 ,QQ:244051486 如果有请于我联系.

NewYork week Day 2 12 Sep 2010 | 04:28 am

图从左至右:BCBG、Castello Tagliapietra、Jason Wu、 Julian Louie、Nicole Miller、Peter Som、Ports 1961、Rag&Bone 没有第一天的难看,却保留了第一天的奇趣,这纽约周的第二天我倒觉得有点伦敦周的影子。不过第二天里也没有我一贯爱的牌子,不过也有让我为之倾倒的。比如Jason Wu、Rag&Bone、BCBG。 ...

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