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J'accèpte le règlement 11 Sep 2010 | 05:03 am

Personnellement j'accèpte le règlement même si c'est moi qui l'ai écrit

J'approuve le règlement ! 13 Feb 2010 | 12:35 pm

étudié et approuvé!

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The Breaker New Waves Manhwa 88 Português 13 Oct 2012 | 05:23 am

Ei malditos, gray aqui '-'. A minha vontade era de ficar um mês sem trazer TBNW pra vcs '-'. De segunda até hoje nós fizemos 23 capítulos de mangás pra vcs. Sabem o que são 23 caps em 5 dias? São quas...

The Breaker: New Waves Chapter 120 14 Jun 2013 | 12:42 pm

In the aftermath of the desperate battle between Goomoonryong and the Martial Arts Alliance -- Yi Shioon's ki-center was destroyed by his own master Goomoonryong, leaving him unable to practice martia...

The Breaker New Wave - Chapter 127 3 Aug 2013 | 03:47 am

Baca Online The Breaker New Wave - Chapter 127 Bahasa indonesia Disini Karena Disini adalah yang Tercepat dan yang Terbaik Baca selengkapnya »

The Breaker New Waves 127 2 Aug 2013 | 03:30 pm

Solo i membri registrati possono vedere i link. Registrati qui! Passowrd archivio: CAPITOLO TRADOTTO ED EDITATO DALL' Solo i membri registrati possono ved...

Kobayashi - Strange Lights and Resolutions 25 Sep 2009 | 05:29 am

Track: Never Was 7 piece Montreal underground trip hop cinematic jazz vibe * Produced by Kevin Komoda (Rational Youth, Pest 5000, Brave New Waves). Kobayashi "Never Was" (mp3) from "Strange Lights a...

Top 10 Iron Maiden Songs of All Time 21 Oct 2011 | 09:27 am

Iron Maiden is a heavy metal band from England that has been active since the late 1970s.  This is the band that pioneered the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement that exploded worldwide in the e...

Track of the Day: “A Message To You Rudy” by The Specials 21 Dec 2010 | 04:52 pm

Happy New Wave Monday, everybody. Today’s Track of the Day is “A Message To You Rudy” by the Specials. I know, I know – ska is totally uncool these days, but I need to purge myself. Two weeks ago, a ...

Track of the Day: “Girlfriend is Better” by Talking Heads 14 Dec 2010 | 05:33 am

Happy New Wave Monday, everybody. It’s unbearably cold in Chicago today – like soul-crushingly cold. My cheeks started blistering on the walk to work, and I definitely think I lost feeling in my legs ...

Electronic Paper, Catalyst To Techology Innovation 10 May 2011 | 12:42 pm

Electronic paper is creating a new wave of innovative which may dramatically change the look and feel of much of our current technology. Imagine a wristband that’s a watch when convex, a PDA when flat...

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