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Elder Scrolls Online Devs Talk Stealth, Dungeon Grouping 27 Aug 2013 | 05:07 pm

Stealth will leave characters "invisible" and characters will describe their own roles when grouping in The Elder Scrolls Online. View Article

Dragon's Prophet Trailer Shows off Frontier System 27 Aug 2013 | 04:20 pm

SOE has released new a trailer for Dragon's Prophet as its September 18th release approaches. View Article

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thegreatsze on Cybertron: Bizarre 10 Killstreak 6 Nov 2010 | 04:06 am

Who needs Cloak when you have War Cry?

Nemawashi 21 Aug 2012 | 03:00 pm

No…nemawashi is not the war cry of a Japanese salaryman. If you’re doing business in Japan, then it will benefit you to understand this concept. Nemawashi translates literally as ‘going around the roo...

The War Cry 30 Nov -0001 | 12:00 am

The hideous looking creepy in heart always looking for trouble Goblin army is about to raid your territory Gather enough resources to produce your defensive army that will not only keep you safe from ...

A Malaysian Hero 4 Jan 2013 | 06:39 am

Taken from : Wikipedia We see the passing of a Malaysian hero who fought for freedom for Malaysia. He hailed from Julau and is the  source of the famous Iban war cry of “Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban”. I wish...

Wilds’ War Cry: Second Class 24 Apr 2013 | 10:40 pm

Sad to hear of the closing of Wrestling News Arena. I want to thank Shawn for giving me a chance to voice my opinions here.   WWE probably doesn’t need two top belts and TNA could probably stand to ge...

Maori Haka 17 May 2013 | 05:54 pm

The Haka is a traditional war cry, dance or challenge among the Maori. Today, haka constitute a part of formal welcome ceremonies for distinguished and important visitors.

War - Cry,not that there is a long list for werewolfwlk 27 Aug 2013 | 05:31 pm

信用第一、良い品質、低価格はあなたアイデンティティいふく若い販売防寒新着技術は巧みで完璧で美しい マイケルコース ねんぴょうしもがれインジウムのりきまちうけるベーコンそくじつきびしいグレーシャスパネル ディスカッションロマンス グレーたぬきねいり Karen Millen Dresses めん若い大麻飾りカジュアル激安耐久性のあるゴージャスホームドレス本物の実用的甘さ かんあんふごうりこうさいひマ...

Final Axe Discography (1989 - 2006) 9 Aug 2013 | 03:12 pm

MYSPACE Beyond Hell's Gate 1989 1. Baptised in Blood 2.Are You Reday? 3.No Time To Die 4.Soldiers Of Compromise 5.Blind Faith 6.Close To Deliverance 7.Thrown In The Fire 8.War Cry 9.Dont Run...

The Mammoth Content Marketing Guide: Easy Ways to Promote Your Online Content 20 Jun 2013 | 03:48 pm

No one who has been involved in internet marketing over the past few years can have missed the industry’s heavily overused war cry: ‘Content Is King,’ which is  loudly trumpeted at every event and con...

Arrogant, Patronising and Discriminatory: Some of Shirley Williams’ Greatest Mistakes 8 Jul 2013 | 05:12 am

“Equality is not the same as sameness” was the arrogant war-cry of the Apartheid regime and, shamefully, now of Liberal Democrat Queen Mum-equivalent Baroness Shirley Williams. Reports by Pink News an...

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