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Detroit Food Scene Getting the Attention It Deserves! 1 Dec 2010 | 02:45 pm

Great to be getting attention for all the cool stuff happening in Detroit these days...Proof that Detroit's ingenuity can serve as a road map for other cities.

ITS HAPPENING IN DETROIT 27 Jul 2012 | 02:15 pm

Watch Where Detroit Industry Has Floundered, Art Scene Flourishes on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

Misery in Motor City: What Happened in Detroit? – our new series from Guest Author Maxime Reiman 26 Jul 2013 | 11:28 pm

Detroit skyline (Photo credit: Bernt Rostad) Detroit is not the first city to file for bankruptcy, but it is the largest to do so in American history. People unfamiliar with the situation may be wond...

Actually, this may be the best thing to have happened to Detroit in years 27 Aug 2013 | 04:30 am

Fox 2 News Headlines Posted also at Daily Adams.

10 useful time-saving keyboard shortcuts for Chrome 2 Jan 2012 | 07:11 pm

Using keyboard shortcuts to access features of application can be a great timesaver. If you spend a lot of time on the web and Chrome happens to be...

Read Google News in a Timeline 24 Mar 2011 | 08:52 pm

Google News is a great place for finding out the happenings around the globe from a variety of sources.  But all those news stuff could be somewhat...

Demolition Fail Ouch 7 Nov 2011 | 08:55 am

Demolition Fail Ouch I have no idea what they thought was going to happen here, but the driver of the heavy machinery gets a concrete building on top of him. Ouch.

Nocturnal visitor 27 Sep 2007 | 12:29 pm

Several weeks ago, a mysterious tapping on our balcony glass door in the middle of the night disrupted the otherwise silence of this suburban, rather rural, location. Upon revision, it happened to be ...

Linked-in delinked! What on earth happened to it? 3 Jun 2011 | 04:39 pm

This morning  a strange sight greeted me when I tried to get on to Linked-in -  a HTTP 500 error!! Never have I encountered such a thing with any major online service that is delivered from a worldwid...

Year Round Cash Strategy 24 Nov 2009 | 10:13 pm

What happens after Christmas? Based on my last blog post, Christmas Cash Strategy, I got a few questions asking what happens after Christmas and how to continue cashing in. Here are my answers for you...

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