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Hefty bill for new arena 30 May 2012 | 05:50 am

SPENCERVILLE – Taxpayers in Edwardsburgh-Cardinal face annual interest charges of up to $100,000 over 35 years to pay for a $5.3 million arena in Cardinal, says township councillor Pat Sayeau.[...]

Behind closed doors 8 Aug 2009 | 02:17 am

The integrity commissioner has ruled on Brad Clark's conduct in so-called Tape-gate. Councillors have the report and know the findings. Too bad the public doesn't. City hall marked the report as conf...

He's here... 10 Jul 2009 | 01:47 am

It's been a week of surprise appearances for the Mayor. He's here for council this morning, despite saying earlier this week that he would be away on vacation. My guess is he heard from councillors an...

Environmentally friendly care home creates employment opportunities 20 Apr 2012 | 08:07 pm

The opening of a new care home in Castleford was celebrated when the Mayor of Wakefield placed the very first tile of Newfield Lodge Care Home. Councillor Ros Lund and councillors from Castleford mark...

Neighbourly Dispute 26 Jul 2011 | 12:09 pm

A town councillor in Wales, U.K., had a beautiful view of the mountains, until a new neighbour purchased the land below his house and built a new home. The new home was 18 inches higher than the plann...

Change the Order of Posts in a Category 7 Apr 2011 | 07:21 am

In some places on your site, such as Councillors, Minutes or News, posts are ordered in reverse chronological order, the newest being displayed first based on the time and date the post was published....

Only in England? 4 Apr 2012 | 12:57 pm

Làbour Councillor: 'My Real Mother is a Green Alien'

The Money Shop Refused Permission For New London Branch 18 Apr 2012 | 09:09 am

The Money Shop has been refused permission to open a new branch on London'sTower Bridge Road after a well organised campaign by local councillors

Leo McKinstry 19 Aug 2009 | 09:51 pm

Leo McKinstry is the mainstream political journalist whose views most closely resemble my own. Bear in mind as you peruse Mr McKinstry's opinions that he was once a Labour councillor and an aide to N...

#TwitterCuntTrial Adjourned – No New Date – UPDATED 11 Feb 2012 | 02:01 pm

Before I start, I’d like to remind you all I am still bound by my bail conditions, which stipulate that I am not allowed to refer to any Bexley Councillors on any social networking site, directly or i...

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