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The 911 on 9/11 Campaign 21 Aug 2010 | 02:21 pm

Step up to Ottawa Truth Action's challenge! The ninth anniversary of the 9/11 false flag attacks is nearly upon us. It's safe to assume that a huge number of truth activists will be in NYC for the 10...

Billboard Outreach 7 Aug 2010 | 09:17 pm

San Luis Obispo, California

Truth Action in Malmö Sweden 31 Jul 2010 | 07:18 pm

Eleventh of the Month street outreach in Malmö, Sweden. "We had a wonderful action yesterday. A car full of truthers from Denmark joined the Swedish truth groups in Malmø - It was such a great day - ...

Truth Action in New Zealand 31 Jul 2010 | 06:52 pm

Eleventh of the Month street outreach in Wellington, New Zealand. July 10, 2010 Wellington civil information actions for 9/11 truth and justice took place this month at Cuba Mall in Wellington's shop...

Protesting Condi 28 Jul 2010 | 04:07 pm

9/11 Truth Activist Jon Gold Arrested at White House 23 Mar 2010 | 02:30 am

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